Energetically Charged Tree of Life Rainbow Chakra Necklace

Energetically Charged Tree of Life Rainbow Chakra Necklace

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This sacred Tree of Life Rainbow Chakra necklace has been energetically charged in the full moon light and is ready to support you in gently balancing your chakra energy.

The Tree of Life symbol represents the ability to simultaneously ground and root while at the same time stretching and growing and this beauty is decorated with 7 healing crystals each representing a chakra energy to support with their alignment.

Discover how each of the 7 healing crystals in this necklace can be supportive:

The Agate stones support inner balance, focus, peace, and harmony.

The Opal stones support the activation of all the chakras, promote calm and can relieve stress and depression.

The Amethyst stones soothe anxiety, open the third eye chakra and awaken intuition.

The Aventurine stones support the heart chakra, can soothe anger and anxiety, and are also known as the "stone of opportunity" and can be wonderful for manifestation practices to reconnect with abundance and prosperity.

The Citrine stones support an energy of joy and loosens feelings of powerlessness and awaken courage.

The Tiger's Eye stones are powerfully grounding and support the balancing of emotional extremes with a gentle invitation to re-centering.

The Quartz stones are powerful sources of light and serve as amplifiers to the other stones helping them to activate their gifts to their full extent like a generator. Known as the "master healer" it can be used to support and alleviate most discomfort.

Specifications: This pendant is 5cm by 5cm and will arrive to you on a 45-50cm black rope chain (as pictured) ready for you to wear or gift to someone else to enjoy.

Upon purchase, you will also receive a free downloadable chakra balancing meditation via email for additional support on getting the most out of your sacred healing tool.

*We invite you to remember that all crystals are natural and may vary slightly in size/shape/color from what is pictured here.

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