Energetically Activated Lapis Lazuli Pendulum

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This sacred beauty is a divination tool embodying the frequency of the throat chakra, supporting the activation of compassionate expression of Truth and may heal wounding related to using your voice.

Made with a Lapis Lazuli crystal, this healing stone is known for gently loosening and releasing any self expression that has been stifled and penetrates the energy field with your permission to activate the truth ready to be acknowledged, remembered, and expressed.

Symptoms of ear, nose and throat issues such as sore throats, laryngitis, cough, ear aches/itchy/stuffy, sinus infections, respiratory issues, mucous, runny nose, thyroid/lymph node issues and more can be teachers attempting to reflect us back to our throat chakra for attention and support.

Along with these physical symptoms, emotional and relational discomforts such as feeling misunderstood and invisible, unable to express yourself, and having difficulty identifying and/or voicing your opinion are also clues that the center of self expression also known as the throat chakra is asking for some tender, loving care.

The Lapis Lazuli energy in this pendulum vibrates at a frequency of addressing these concerns and can support you with your permission and readiness.

Pendulums are precious tools holding the intention of reflecting us back to our inner knowing. Use this to fine tune your intuitive senses and deepen your relationship with your own intuitive power.

See this beauty in action narrated by mother ocean in the video below

New to pendulums? We've got you covered. See the bonuses that are included with your sacred shopping purchase...

Upon purchase, you will also receive two bonuses for additional support getting the most out of this sacred healing tool:

1) A digital guide on establishing connection with your pendulum prepared by our dear friend, Alexis, founder of Chakredy. 

2) A web class video to support your deepening into relationship with your pendulum.

Specifications: Pendulum crystal is Lapis Lazuli. The pendulum string is silver plated in zinc alloy and is approximately 45cm long plus the length of the crystal add 5cm. Weight approximately 35g.

*We invite you to remember that all crystals are natural and may vary slightly in color from what is pictured. The length of the chain may also vary 1-5mm as measurements are manual and humanness happens.

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