Energetically Activated Amethyst Hexagonal Column Necklace

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This beautifully powerful amethyst pendant holds the frequency of healing and has been energetically activated to support you.

Amethyst is known for her emotional and physical healing properties and especially brings support to the nervous system and crown chakra. When wearing this necklace, you may find yourself welcoming support with calming anxiety, lifting depression, and awakening your intuition.

Specifications: This pendant is about 4cm and will arrive to you on a 42-50cm black rope chain (as pictured) ready for you to wear or gift to someone else to enjoy.

Upon purchase, you will also receive a free downloadable amethyst activation meditation via email for additional support on getting the most out of your sacred healing tool.

*We invite you to remember that all crystals are natural and may vary slightly in color from what is pictured

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