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actic Vibrations is the soul child of energetic visionaries, Lloyd Burnett and Keri Nola. As Twin Flames reuniting in physical form in 2012, Lloyd and Keri joined heart forces, co-founding the company Go Deeper, Get Lighter, LLC and began co-creating sacred healing experiences and retreats merging their intuitive abilities and professional training in the fields of health and wellness. Feeling a call to expand their reach and support the planet in healing our collective consciousness at this powerful time, Galactic Vibrations is born.

This site is the home of our podcast and favorite healing resources that you can select each month to purchase and easily implement into your daily rituals for support and healing. It is our deepest intention that this sacred virtual space be a home for millions of souls to look in the cosmic mirror and remember their truest Divine nature.

What makes shopping at Galactic Vibrations special?

*Galactic Vibrations is more than a website or virtual store--the energy of this sacred virtual space is a vortex of healing. We trust that everyone led here is ready to remember their true essence and we look forward to joining you in community as we continue awakening together. As a member of our community, you will be invited to join us for special events and experiences such as healing rituals/ceremonies, webinars, and live retreats/workshops.

*Every offering in our store is priced according to numerological healing frequencies and every purchase holds the vibration encoded in the particular numerical pattern. This means that you welcome healing and awakening with every exchange of abundance you choose to make in the store. (Don't just take our word for it though...lean in and feel the resonation for yourself)

*With each purchase, you receive a free downloadable meditation that supports you in fully experiencing the frequency of the product you received.

*Each month we energetically activate and feature a new product to support you in healing and awakening.

And more to come as our vision unfolds and reveals more to us...

Feeling a resonation with the Galactic Vibration?

We look forward to journeying with you!

Gently down the cosmic stream...