Episode 9 - Bask in the Light: The Vulnerability of Allowing Gratitude, Love, and Celebration.


In this week's energetic forecast, we let our hair down and bask in the light as we celebrate the personal growth work that we have been doing.

And then we explore the parts of us who feel the vulnerability of celebration, joy, and freedom. Experiencing the light can be a scary place for our human self.

Here are some other areas we visit in this week’s energetic forecast:

  • The vulnerability of joy and living in the present moment. Why parts of us are scared to fully embrace joy and freedom.
  • How to work with the parts of us who judge others who are living what we feel is an unconscious life. Also how to support those parts that need others to experience the awareness, love, and light that we see.
  • What is true healing and how do we know that we have experienced deep healing.

As always, we invite you to remember that no matter when you listen to this podcast, you have manifested this specific episode, right now, for a reason. We invite you to open your mind & heart and allow the healing energy of this podcast to support you in your ascension and the evolution of consciousness.



Lloyd B.: Hello everybody and welcome back to another Galactic Vibrations' weekly cosmic forecast. I'm Lloyd Burnett.

Keri N.: I'm Keri Nola. We are so excited to have you joining us for a little light this week. We have been journeying with so much intensity. We were tuning into this energy and I found myself saying, "Gosh, Lloyd, are we in for any relief?" The energies came through and they said, "Yes, we are." Perhaps even, "Yes, we have been." This is a really exciting week. What is the week for this forecast, Lloyd, by the way?

Lloyd B.: This is the week of January 30th through February 5th. I too was in a way relieved to experience the lightness of this week because we've been in a transition from 2016 to 2017, still in the shadow of that transition. Also, we were in the middle of Mercury retrograde and then the shadow of Mercury retrograde and now, we are finally coming up for air. It feels like we've been coming up for air for a little bit now, but the energy is really expressing itself as light right now. The main energy that is coming through for me is an energy of gratitude and an energy of celebration. For this energy, I want to invite you to feel it by looking at where you have come, looking at the work that you have done, looking at the growth that you have been experiencing. 

 Many times in this personal growth work or as a light worker or as a person who is becoming more aware of their own energy and the collective energy, we tend to get stuck into the pattern of always looking for growth and evolution and what else can I do or how can I be more. We don't take a moment to stop and take a breath and notice where we are and to actually congratulate ourselves and to celebrate and to honor this path that we have been walking on and to just look at our life and say, "Wow! Oh, my goodness. The shift that has happened in my life is absolutely incredible and to bask in that energy." Keri was saying before this call. I remember you were saying, "Basking in the light of the present moment."

Keri N.: That's really the word that came through for me is basking, allowing ourselves to lay our head back towards the sun and to receive that light and that love that appear for us. One of the things that [inaudible 00:03:08] has been showing me and I feel like this is going to open up more for us next week. Next week, by the way, for the first time in Galactic Vibrations' history, our very short two months history here, we are going to be having our first guest supporting us and bringing through the energy forecast. That's a little foreshadowing. One of the things [inaudible 00:03:27] they are showing me is that there are a couple of ways of people experiencing the energies right now. In those of you that are led to listen to our forecast are likely in the wave of energy and frequency that are really have been working on really bringing forth that which is ready to be seen by the light, to be illuminated, which we've often talked about.

 There's also another energy of consciousness that's not quite ready to allow themselves permission to see what's being brought to the light. As you are basking in the gratitude in these rays of light and the awareness and even celebration if you are willing to give yourself permission to tap in to how much work you have actually done over the last several years. This has been a really heavy and painful process of rebirthing ourselves and our consciousness. The fall of consciousness as we think back to Lemurian or Atlantean times who many of us were here, the original scientist and wayshowers and truth speakers, teachers. As that consciousness fell, we've spent many lifetime in the dark trying to find our way back to the portals of light and to enter into the dimension of consciousness that we know is our original state. We are here. This is the moment. The portals are opening, but our physical body had to prepare for that process.

 It can be difficult for us, those who are more consciously awakening to see those who aren't ready for that process just yet. Part of our awakening is to be aware of how we might be judging those who are operating from the different vibrational frequency. Part of what might be brought to light this week is where we are with that process? How can we celebrate our own process without judging or putting down somebody else's? Because we are going to be seeing that this week. We are going to be looking around and noticing there's those of us that are walking a very conscious path and there's those who are still asleep. How are we doing with that? How are we honoring ourselves without dishonoring the truth of our fellow brothers and sisters on the journey?

Lloyd B.: I love that. I absolutely love that because it's that idea of true healing when we don't need anybody else to be anything than what they are in the present moment. There may be parts of you that want to judge others for the past that they have chosen or there maybe parts of you that want so badly for others to experience this path that you have chosen because it feels so good to you. I invite you to consider that deep healing is when we don't need others to be anything other than what they are and the path that they have chosen. It's not that it's better or worse than the path that we are walking on. It's their path and it's exactly what needs to be walked for them in this present moment because there are no mistakes, no mistakes as Byron Katie says.

 This week, I invite you to notice the light that you are basking in or that is calling for your attention to sit there and to take a deep breath. Just feel it on your skin and feel it in your body and then notice the parts of you that's maybe afraid to sit and bask in that light. Notice the parts of you that want everybody to sit and bask in that light and maybe confused or scared or feel the need to convince others that "There's light around the world. There's light around the world. Sit in this light and enjoy it." Just notice what's going on because you've been through a lot and you've been walking this path for a long time and it's time to celebrate. It's time to let your hair down. Just celebrate where you are, where you've come from and where you are going.

 I feel like as healers, especially, we always feel like there's more work to be done. There's more work to be done. Who would you be without that story that there's more work to be done? That all the work that wants to be done is being done in every single moment without you even having to choose to engage and doing it. It's being done. Whatever wants to be done is being done. Sit and bask and enjoy right now. 

Keri N.: I think there's such a vulnerability around joy. There's that human consciousness of waiting for the other shoe to drop. When we have this opportunity and this energy of allowing ourselves to bask in the light, bask in the joy, there's always that part of us in the human 3D realm that says, "But wait, that's not safe. We can't do that. It always crashes after this or that's not safe. Don't get crazy now. Don't let your hair down too much. Don't have too much fun." Because there's a vulnerability in fun, in joy, in the freedom of being in the now and allowing ourselves to receive that light. 

 I think that's another opportunity this week because the other thing I'm aware of is, at the conscious level, I'm not much of an astrologer, but energetically, I can tune in. I'm aware that this is the last week of several week cycle where all of the major planet are in a forward motion. This is a rare occurrence and a very powerful one where we have the cosmic support to be where we are and to really clarify. I think that's again where the lights coming in, to clarify where we are, where we've been and where we are headed. We've got that opportunity to take advantage of that forward momentum and allow it to be okay. What if it was okay to move forward? To take step in the direction that we are being called and invited and really pulled in a lot of ways even when they are not popular directions or we don't understand the directions yet.

 We look around and we see others stagnating or doing what they did yesterday or last year or 10 or 20 years ago just because it was always been done. Our level of consciousness, if you are hearing this right now, it's an invitation to question those things and notice where you are being invited that have some magic waiting for you there even if you don't know exactly what it is just yet.

Lloyd B.: I'm thinking about it's so interesting. Astrology is not something that I fully understand with my human mind. Right now, there's a navy airplane going above. You can hear some noise in the background. I'm thinking about the term direct, all the planets are direct. The image that I see in my mind is all the planets directly facing the sun and receiving the light of the sun, which this image that I have in my mind completely validates and confirms this feeling of its time to bask in the light. Was it Dr. Brené Brown? Is she a doctor? Brené Brown?

Keri N.: Mm-hmm (affirmative). She is a doctor of social work.

Lloyd B.: A doctor of social work. She was the one that talked about rehearsing tragedy. Those moments were everything feels okay and it's feels good, but in your mind you are just rehearing the tragedy that can come of allowing yourself to really ease into the beauty of everything being okay. As you were saying, Keri, it's a very vulnerable space to be in because also while you are in this space of basking in the light, others maybe in the dark. What does it mean that you are allowing yourself to bask in the light while others are in the dark? What will others think about you? What does that say about you that you are enjoying this light? If you are enjoying the light, does that mean you are taking the light away from others? Does that mean you need to share your light more? There's lots of questions that come up that make living in joy and living in light and living in inspiration a very vulnerable space to be in.

 With this forecast, we invite you to notice the vulnerability of being in joy and the vulnerability of being in your light. That joy and that light is a very spiritual energy. It has a very spiritual essence to it where you are connected into the flow. You are in the flow of life, of inspiration, of spirituality, of source, of the universe, but at the same time you are still human. The human aspect of our experience still struggles with comprehending the fullness of this flow. It's important as we bridge two worlds that we tend to the joy, of the spirit, and we also tend to the human emotions that maybe coming up on the other side. They may be in line with the spiritual feelings that we are experiencing or they may be somewhere else.

 I invite you to notice both aspects because as we say ... Actually, I don't know if we said this in the podcast yet, but we say it a lot in our work that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. It's very often that we jump into one of the boxes. We are either all human or we are all spiritual. We invite you to put your attention on both worlds and just see what it feels like to hold both the spiritual and the human in your attention at the same time.

Keri N.: You mean I don't have to pick one, Lloyd? I don't have to choose which world to live in. I thought I only get one box. There's only one box on the form.

Lloyd B.: That made me so sad. I got an image of you on Christmas standing by a tree and like having to pick one present. "I only get one? I only get one?"

Keri N.: I want them all. That's part of my abundance practice. It's so funny it's part of my abundance practice and something I've been working with the healers I support is allowing ourselves to have it all. One of my phrase is in my gratitude and abundance practice is, "Yes, I received that. More please." Ending that practice in "more please" because I think we've been trained out of allowing ourselves to have more, to have it all. We've experience many lifetimes and perhaps even energies in this lifetime where we had to pick between. I either have love or health. I have this or I have that. I have a job I love or family life that feels really deeply resonant with me, but it's like one or the other.

 That is in old consciousness paradigm. It is no longer. We have outgrown that. I think that's another piece of this the different trajectories of souls right now. There's those that cross the bridge into this new year, but are still holding on to that old energy and that's okay. That's where they are. That's part of their own evolutionary process. For those of us that have really taken accountability, how do we deepen into the ownership of our life? I think this is one of those places. I don't have to check just one box. I can be in both boxes. I can allow more and I can meet the parts of me that are feeling that vulnerability of welcoming more.

 I really like your question, Lloyd. What did it say about me that I'm open to more? I think our human self, our ego would say "That's greedy. It's selfish. If I take all of that, is there enough for other people?" I think that idea that there is enough to go around, it's another piece of awareness that's coming to light and the energies this week. I'm really excited. Depending on when you listen to this podcast, there may or may not already be the February product in the Galactic Vibrations store. We are not sharing what that is on this podcast, but in the middle of this week on February first, the next month, energetically activated product will go live. I'm seeing the correlation right now between the gift of that offering and what we are talking about here. Sneak out over to the site and see if it's up there yet and notice how it might support you in allowing more joy, a heart opening as a little sneak peek.

Lloyd B.: [crosstalk 00:22:33] tease and a little bit with the heart opening. I love it. 

Keri N.: You know I'm so bad with surprises and secrets, Lloyd. When I'm excited about something, I'm the worse. I'm like a three-year-old, "Guess what? Guess what?"

Lloyd B.: Keri will give you a present. A day before the present arrives in the mail, she'll call me and tell me she couldn't contain her excitement and tell me exactly what's covered in the mail. 

Keri N.: True story, true story. If that's my shadow quality, I'll accept it.

Lloyd B.: I wouldn't say that that's your most shadow quality.

Keri N.: I had a feeling you were going to let that cat out the bag.

Lloyd B.: Here we are. Inner light, inner vulnerability of our light and just noticing what it feels like to get curious about allowing ourselves to want more. What I was thinking about actually as you were talking, Keri, is that, yes, we want to experience more. When we say we want to experience more, it's like the universe doesn't have definition of what is good and what is bad because those judgements don't exist there. They are constructs of our mind. When we ask for more, we get more of everything. It's interesting how we can ask for more, but actually want less of other things. When you ask for more, I invite you to consider that more is more of absolutely everything.

 Abundance includes absolutely everything. It includes money. It includes shadow expressions. It includes pain. It includes absolutely everything. It's just like when we are talking about before wanting to know the fullness of the truth. Sometimes, when we ask for the fullness of the truth and we get it, we are just like, "I didn't want this much truth. I didn't want this much truth." It's the same thing with abundance. "I didn't want this much abundance." I invite you to allow yourself to notice what it's like when you receive more even if it's something that with your conscious mind or your human mind you believe that you don't want more of. Allow yourself to ease into it and to investigate why you were receiving more of what you are receiving, and see if you can find through that investigation find some peace and receiving more of everything. 

 This is coming from a space of I just had an experience where I was receiving a lot of pain, of excruciating pain. It took some very important work for me to understand why I was experiencing more and more pain. What was the light aspect of that shadow feeling of pain? I just remember that I ask that I wanted to experience more. I want to see more information of what the universe has to offer, more of the vastness and pain is a part of the universe. It doesn't have to be experienced the way that we have experienced it in the past. It can be experienced with peace as well. The same peace that we experienced the joy, the abundance, the happiness and all of those happy things.

Keri N.: That's again not an either or. We can't just call in the light aspect and expect because as far as we swing the pendulum into the light, it also swings back into the dark. We get more access. As far as we swing into the dark as high as we can come back up and swing into the light, that comes back and forth. The deeper we go into the light or into the shadow, the other benefit. I think that's the part of the human that wants to judge, light is good and shadow is bad versus just saying this is the reality of the experience.

 I don't know if you can hear it, but I am hearing the timer right now that's letting us know that we've reached our 22-minute mark. On that note, we are going to say farewell for today's episode of Galactic Vibrations. Thanks so much for joining us you all. We can't wait to hear how you are basking in the light. We look forward to joining you next week with our special guest. Stay tuned for who will be sharing the forecast and bringing it through. 

Lloyd B.: Bye-bye everybody.


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