Episode 7- The Energy of Insanity: Do You Really Want to Know the Truth about Your Reality & the Universe?

In this week's energetic forecast, we explore how to open yourself up to the truth of your reality and the truth of the Universe. We dive deep into the energy of insanity and how seeing the fullness of your truth can make you feel or seem “crazy”.

This week, we invite you to allow yourself to expand your definition of crazy and let the truth flow.

If you really want to know why you get stuck in patterns or how the Universe works as a whole, together, let’s dive head first into:

  • The energy of insanity that shows up as we see more of how the Universe works.
  • Redefining “mental illness”, disease, and pathology. What are some spiritual or expanded explanations of ADHD, Schizophrenia, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • How to give yourself permission to experience higher dimensions and stay grounded in the human experience.

As always, we invite you to remember that no matter when you listen to this podcast, you have manifested this specific episode, right now, for a reason. We invite you to open your mind & heart and allow the healing energy of this podcast to support you in your ascension and the evolution of consciousness.




Keri N.: Hello, everybody, and welcome back to Galactic Vibrations Podcast. It's Keri Nola here and we are looking at the cosmic forecast for January 16th through the 22nd. You there, Lloyd?

Lloyd B.: I am here. Hello, everybody. Good to be with you again.

Keri N.: We're really looking forward to diving into these energies today. I'm really celebrating the fact that I am at a place where I'm giving myself permission to be excited about diving into some pretty intensive energies. Yes, this is a new year. There's a lot of freshness. We're actualizing some really powerful seeds that have been planted quite some time ago this year. Yet, in this first couple of weeks we are being asked to look at some pretty intense and deep-rooted illusions that are asking for our awareness. I know, Lloyd, last episode you were beginning to get a glimpse of what some of those things are that we're invited to. I want to turn the mic over to you and see how that is evolving for you since our last conversation.

Lloyd B.: Yes, if you were present in the last podcast you noticed that I was getting the spirit towards the end of the recording because the information for the energy of this week was coming through. The images that I was getting at the end of the last podcast for this week were images of insanity. They were images of us saying yes, giving permission, giving consent to seeing the truth, and to seeing the vastness, to peering behind, to peer behind the curtain, the cosmic curtain, and see all of the energy that is this universe. Because there's so much more to this universe than what our five senses experience.

When we allow ourselves to access all of the information that is happening around us and in us and through us, and within us, it can feel overwhelming sometimes and lead to insanity. Because it's just overstimulation. Notice if you have any judgments of the word insanity, if you have any stories about the word insanity and what that means. Because we have a very human definition of insanity. We judge it as bad or as crazy. I want to invite you to see if there is some room for expansion in that definition of insanity.

What was coming to me is, when we say yes, we get access to a lot more information than what we're used to accessing. We get access to information from the spirit world. We get access to information from the past and from the future. We get access the other energetic information that is happening around us. Aldous Huxley, the author of a Brave New World, wrote a book called The Doors of Percpt- Opening The Gates of Perception, something like that, where he coined this term, "the reducing valve." He says that we have a valve in our brain that reduces the amount of energy or information that we accept. Because if we allow ourselves to accept all of the information that this universe has, we would go insane.

If you think of things that we classify as mental illness such as schizophrenia, or even things like the autism spectrum, where these people who are experiencing what we call these mental illnesses, they have a more open reducing valve where they are experiencing more information, overstimulation of information. Sometimes it's very hard to deal with that, and it's very hard for people who don't give themselves permission to have access to that information to interact with those people and to experience those people. 

Keri N.: Yeah, I love this conversation because it's such an expanded perspective. It takes us out of the boxes that we have learned to check off to label ourselves and one another. It really invites an energy of curiosity. Is this true? What if something else were true? I remember the first time I heard Doreen Virtue define ADHD, which in the mental health field we've known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and she calls it attention dialed into a higher dimensions.

Lloyd B.: Yes, please.

Keri N.: I got the chills and I thought, "Wow, what if we looked at one another expressing from this range of behavior and we valued it in such a way that it didn't pathologize it, it didn't illness or sickness or wrongness or something that was broken?" I wonder how we would be able to relate to one another and to ourselves if we could be open to some other ways of expression.

Now does this mean that this week you're going to crazy or insane? I don't know. It could. More what I'm picking up on here is how we can give ourselves permission to access higher levels of dimension while also giving ourselves permission to be grounded in the physical reality that holds us. It's like creating a container that is wide enough and expanded enough to be able to hold this new data and information. We can choose to do this on a very conscious level, to give ourselves this permission to expand. 

Rather than force the expansion or to deny or refuse or resist the expansion, we can allow ourselves to grow into the new experience, the new dimensional frequency, the new energy. How we might do this is going to look different for everybody, but I think it starts with what we talked about last episode, which was choice and permission. Do we give our guides, our galactic council, those who have gone before us that are supporting our earthly journey right now, do we give them permission to help us in remembering how we can create and birth a container that's capable of holding what it is that we are bringing into being?

Lloyd B.: Yes. The word insane and crazy, they keep on popping up for me right now. I really want to invite you to expand your definition of that. Because when we allow ourselves to have access to these higher definitions, to our human self it does look like insanity or crazy, craziness. It looks absolutely crazy. If you think about people who have allowed themselves to access the depth of their purpose that not only came from the human realm but from spirit realm, when they talk about these ideas or paint these pictures, or create these products, people label them as crazy. All of the trailblazers are always labeled as crazy because they're doing something that is before their time, and also they're the first to bring this energy to this human reality and ground it into the human reality.

I'm thinking of Steve Jobs right now, who had these visions and ideas for everybody being able to talk on the phone, surf the internet, to take pictures and video with an apparatus that can fit in your pocket. Everybody thought it was absolutely insane and crazy. But now it's something that we all find so absolutely normal and mundane. It's like, "Oh, you have a smartphone? Great. I mean, nothing special about that. Nothing crazy about that." 

Another image that I'm just going to acknowledge this, I don't know why it keeps on coming to mind but it's the first person who saw a zebra. If you see a zebra, it's the first time you ever see one and you're like, "Oh my God, am I going crazy? There is a horse that has white and black stripes on it running in front of me. I have to be going absolutely insane."

When you say yes and you give your consent to see the higher dimensions, you are going to see things that don't fit into your constricted sense of, or your not-yet-expanded, reality. There is an element of going insane and being crazy, but I invite you to expand and explore that definition of insanity and craziness.

Keri N.: What a freeing concept to imagine that we don't have to buy into old ideas of what this is and what that is. I think that's what drives us the most crazy is having these definitions that we're so sure of, and there's no room for movement or expansion. I think that affects our relationships as well. Last week that really was the theme. I think we're still going to be playing into that. When we define people and we decide who people are without room for them to continue evolving and expanding and becoming and revealing other ways of being and expressing themselves, it's very limiting. We limit ourselves. We're trained to limit ourselves.

I think that's part of this higher dimensional consciousness, is this freedom in human form. It's being able to access more of the frequency of light that is completely infinite and expansive, but not having to get rid of our physical body to be able to do that. It is going to require and invite us to step outside of our comfort zones in some new ways. 

What I'm aware of this week, as well, is the shift of government happening in the US and that process. How are some of these energies of consciousness playing out at the global level, at the governmental level, at the organizational level? How are those reflecting us back to opportunities to think outside the box and to feel beyond what we think and know and believe to be true within ourselves? Even as I'm saying this, it's just mind-blowing. It's like, what could happen, and what could that look like, and what do I mean by all this? I don't really know yet. When we're there, in each moment, we get to decide and to feel into it. 

Lloyd B.: That was the healing energy of gentle curiosity, Keri. This is absolutely profound when something that happens that is outside of our scope of understanding, and we immediately want to judge it and to push it away. What would it to be like to just be curious and to just ask questions, and meet those answers with more and more questions? This is reminding me of ... I don't know where this comes from but ... the answer lies within the question.

Keri N.: That Aristotle? I don't know. It feels philosopheresque, but yeah.

Lloyd B.: It definitely does. Somebody who loved to philosophize said that before. The answer is the question. The answer lies within the question. This is all also very Byron Katie-esque as well: inquiry and inquiring about everything rather than believing our story of whatever it is is supposed to be, just asking questions. I wonder. This keeps on going back. This is the second week where we're going back to the mental health field. I'm just very curious what it would be like if we met people we have pathologized, what they're experiencing, if we met them, rather than with a diagnosis, with gentle curiosity, with people who hear voices, asking them about those voices, being curious about what the voices are with people who experience other symptoms and sensations in their body, mind, and soul, getting curious about them and just asking.

I wonder what would happen if we allowed ourselves to do that. Because many times we put the diagnosis or the judgment or the label or the box for ourselves. It's not for the other person; it's for ourselves, so that we can feel safe, so that we can understand, so that we can believe in the illusion of understanding what is going on fully and being safe.

Keri N.: For us to be ready and able to actualize what it is that we're here in physical form to bring to life in this year, and begin to continue birthing those things into physical reality. This is what's being asked of us, is can we go beyond what we have thought to be true and can we make room for another reality to represent itself.

Lloyd B.: Hallelujah.

Keri N.: Yes. Amen. We're preaching.

Lloyd B.: Amens. A woman.

Keri N.: A woman. I love it. I got my feminist on the line with me. Those are the invitations, the galactic invitations. The council is also showing me that we have an activation day coming up this week. It's actually the last day of this cosmic forecast, and it is 1/22, so January 22nd. They're really highlighting that day as a day when there's going to be some energies swirling around supporting an activation. 

The activation, they're saying, is going to occur at different levels depending on where we are in our journey of consciousness. It's a day where, if we're willing to make some time for a sacred pause, for some reflection, also being mindful of making time for rest and sleep that day, they're going to be working on us, supporting us and opening up some new layers of our energy field, and also some new strands of DNA and consciousness that have been dormant for quite some time. They're going to begin to come back online and we're going to get access to the wisdom that is in those ... the word that they're giving me is neural networks. It feels like there's also some brain chemistry, neurology stuff coming through here too. Don't know what that means on the human level, but just translating what they're sharing here.

22, it also occurs to me, is the master builder. We're back here to that energy of the creator that is within each of us. We can use that frequency, that vibration, to continue awakening our creator energy.

Lloyd B.: Yeah. What I was hearing as you were explaining the neural pathways is that this work is going to happen in the dark. It's going to happen at night. As you're sleeping, you're in your sedated dream state, the guides will be doing their work to amplify what needs to be amplified, expand, and renew whatever it is that needs to be done to upgrade your system.

As you are being upgraded, and when you enter your reality, your waking reality the next day, there will be some grogginess, some residual symptoms. It could be like mental fogginess, is what I'm hearing right now.

Keri N.: Ascension hangover, Lloyd. That's what I just heard.

Lloyd B.: The ascension hangover. Oh my God. I love it.

Keri N.: Just some extra water and some [crying 17:02] and you'll be good to go.

Lloyd B.: Exactly. Oh my goodness, yes. You may experience the ascension hangover. I invite you to go inward and to ask questions about this hangover, to support your human self, to validate what your human self is feeling. Because so often we have these ascension hangovers and symptoms, and we want to consult medical doctors to fix us and to give us a, as we talked about earlier, a diagnosis of what is happening. We invite you to go in and ask your internal doctor, as well, what's going on, how you've been worked on, what this upgrade is going to support you in doing, and how long these symptoms are going to persist, and what you can do to support yourself in this time of this upgrade.

Keri N.: Yeah, and along the lines of questioning and curiosity and releasing the need to go along with the way things always have been, is, for example, for us to be capable of activating and accessing this multidimensional reality, we're often asked to do things that don't seem to make sense in the lives that we've created for ourselves. 

For example, if we work a traditional 9-5 job and it's 11:30 in the morning and we feel like we need a nap because perhaps there's something that's been activated that is requiring us to sleep, so much of the inner work happens in states of restfulness when we aren't busy, when our conscious mind is asleep. Because this goes on behind the scenes of our conscious awareness oftentimes. If we're not willing to take the down time and we're continuing to buy into the hustle and bustle, we can prolong the process, which there's not a problem with that. It's not good, bad, right, wrong. It's just sometimes we say that we want to be further along, we want access to more information, we want an expanded reality, we want more peace, more love, more joy, more abundance, whatever it might be.

But yet we're not giving ourselves permission to create a lifestyle that supports those things to come online in a freer and easier way. Does this mean quit your job tomorrow and lay around and sleep all day? Maybe. I don't know what it means for you. It's just that invitation to ... is your lifestyle congruent with the process of awakening that's trying to happen? If not, that's great. Just tell yourself the truth about that so that you're not falling victim, buying into the victim story that you're not where you want to be or you don't have what you want have. Because the truth is we always have what we want to have. It just depends on we can parts of us we're aware of at the moment.

Lloyd B.: Yeah, I love it. A really human analogy was coming to me as you were talking about creating that space of rest. It's like if you twist your ankle and your ankle is hurting, and it needs to be healed, and it wants to heal. Does the ankle heal as you're running around shopping, doing things for other people, playing sports, going to work and taking a jog? Does the ankle heal? No. The ankle heals when you sit down and you rest, and you allow it to take all of the energy that you would normally use to go around and do your daily life and you allow it to divert that energy to your ankle to heal. The ankle will swell, and inflame, and hurt more and more, and get bigger and bigger, until you are willing to allow yourself to sit down and rest and allow it to heal.

Your symptoms for ascension, they'll get bigger, bigger, heavier, and more alarming to you until you are willing and ready to acknowledge them, and allow yourself to rest, and allow the energy to heal and to activate. It's all happening for you no matter what it looks like. The symptoms are here to support you in your growth, in your evolution, just like inflammation in a sprained ankle is here to support you in sitting down and resting so that magical healing can take place.

Keri N.: Thank you for that really human analogy. I feel like this is such a perfect balance as we go back and forth here. Because I found myself really dancing in this very esoteric realm out there ...

Lloyd B.: With the fairies.

Keri N.: ... in reality. The what? 

Lloyd B.: With the fairies.

Keri N.: With the fairies. You kind of brought me back here to physical reality. There is our stargazing tone to let us know that our forecast is complete for today.

Lloyd B.: Yeah, even though we could talk for another two hours, we're going to cut it. We're going to honor the boundary that we set, [although 22:13] I have a part that's kind of resentful right now because I want to continue talking. I'll hold it for next week. 

Keri N.: Honoring those boundaries like we talked about last week, we'll send you all off with our very cosmic upstate and upgrade today. We look forward to being back together with you next week for our next forecast.


Lloyd B.: Take care, everybody. 

Keri N.: Bye for now.



  • Thank you so much for bringing your perspective here to share with us, Aly. Relationships are such a powerful part of the journey of awakening and we can certainly wake up a lot in one another along the way. Honoring your perspective with you and celebrating your presence in our community. I imagine the guides have much more to offer on this topic so we’ll see what wants to come through in future episodes and we invite you to stay tuned as long as it resonates. Galactic love your way!

    Team Galactic Vibrations
  • I can appreciate your perspectives on the definition of “crazy” but it feels to me that you are both seeing it from the same side. I have been on a spiritual path for several years and it has expanded my perspectives and personal development exponentially and I am so grateful for all of it, the good and the bad feelings behind discovering our true selves. People on our paths can certainly be misunderstood and be labeled as crazy by others who are not yet on a path of expanding awareness. My spouse however is not happy about my developments and is very resistant in joining me or expanding his awareness. I realize that we are all on our own paths and he is not ready, we can’t make anyone else willing to overcome their fears. This has triggered his mental illnesses in the reverse, he has delved deeper into his dark places and used my expansion as an excuse to become more angry and abusive. In my opinion it is his resistance to his true self that is makig him so angry but he is not in a place to receive that.
    Just another perspective


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