Episode 5: Intuition vs. Ego: Harness the Power of Your Intuition in the New Year




In this week's energetic forecast, we explore the energy of your intuition. In this new year of actualization, it's important to get in relationship with your intuition so that you can feel your way to actualizing the seeds of intention that you planted in 2016.

If you're ready to explore your intuition and allow it to guide you in creating an abundant, evolved, and unconditionally loving and truthful 2017, we invite you to join us as we gently dive head first into:

  • How to understand the difference between your intuition and ego.
  • How to access the energy of reflection, remembering, and reviewing of this Mercury Retrograde that is coming to a close.
  • How to use the crystal energy of Amethyst to expand your intuition and open your connection with Source.

As always, we invite you to remember that no matter when you listen to this podcast, you have manifested this specific episode, right now, for a reason. We invite you to open your mind & heart and allow the healing energy of this podcast to support you in your ascension and the evolution of consciousness.





Keri. N: Happy New Year, everybody, and welcome.

Lloyd B.: Happy New Year!

Keri. N: Welcome back to the Galactic Vibrations Podcast. We have made our official transition to 2017 and we are coming through with the cosmic forecast for January 2 through January 8, 2017.

Lloyd B.: Mm, and here we are in yet another year feeling the energy of the new year and also feeling the energy of the year that just passed. Because we're still in kind of a transition phase right now from the energy of 2016 that still wants our attention, to the energy of 2017 that is being birthed now and ready to be acknowledged and ready for us to jump into that flow. Yeah, let's jump straight into the forecast right now. Because I feel like it's very ... we have so many things that we want to talk about, actually. Yeah, let's jump straight into the forecast and then we'll get into the excitement that I can hardly contain myself about, which is ... should we give them a little hint right now what it is? 

Keri. N: I think so. Go for it. You are on the edge of your seat right there.

Lloyd B.: All right. Today is the opening of Galactic Vibrations healing resources for healers and for everyday people for everybody. We are opening our physical products store today with a very, very special, energetically activated and charged healing resource that we're going to talk to you about at the end of this actual podcast. We're so excited. This has been in the making for months now, and finally, the doors of the store are open.

Keri. N: Yes. It's going to be a beautiful way to merge the energies of the forecast with the support system that we've got for you in the store if you feel called to work with these healing tools as part of your process, or to work with the forecasts and the energy that comes through, and to use the tools and resources that you have at home and continue to activate and awaken them for support.

Now the interesting thing about this time is we're still in a Mercury retrograde cycle. As you might know, we've talked about it in the last couple of episodes, Mercury retrograde is all about the re's: remembering, revising, reflecting, reviewing. Starting a new year and a Mercury retrograde cycle is a really interesting energy because on the one hand, we might be revving up feeling excited to get started, and really beginning fresh and new. But yet what we might be feeling right now as we lean into this energy is that there's a little bit of unfinished business joining us in this transition of this first week of the new year, asking to continue to be reflected upon before we'll be prepared to really launch into in full force, full energy, this year of actualization which is the overall theme that will be present for us throughout 2017.

Lloyd B.: Yeah. It's like we're crossing a bridge right now where 2016 is on the one side and 2017 is on the other side. As we cross this bridge, we still have the energies from 2016. It's interesting that for 2017 the energy that both Keri and I were sensing for this first week is an energy of reconnecting to our intuition. Your intuition, it almost feels like the energy of allowing yourself to dive into, to trust, to explore, to play with your intuition, is going to be very important in this year of actualization.

But on the other end of the bridge, the energy from 2016 and from beyond 2016 as well, is a shadow energy of the fear around intuition. What does it mean to allow your intuition to be present in your life, in your business, or in your relationships? What has it meant in the past? What was coming up for me as I was tapping into the energy for this energetic forecast was how in past lives I know that I have experience, and I imagine that many of you listening to this have experience, almost a persecution for allowing the energy of your intuition to flow. This energy of persecution for allowing our intuition to follow doesn't just disappear. It takes some healing work of acknowledgment and releasing before that energy stops influencing the way that we act or think or behave.

Even current-life shadow energy around intuition can look like growing up. As a child, you're very sensitive to energy and you notice things and you feel things. People tell you, "Aw, that's not real. That's your imagination," or, "Aw, that's not based in fact," or, "Oh, come on. We can't see that. I don't know what you're talking about." We get trained out of using our intuition and we learn to be safe, to be secure, to be loved, to be worthy. We have to act right. Many times acting right means renouncing our intuition and not allowing ourselves to fully jump into the flow of this incredible wisdom and information that comes through us and out into the world.

Keri. N: Yeah. This week is really a prime opportunity to take this cosmic support that the Mercury retrograde cycle is offering us and to spend a little bit of time reflecting and reviewing where we have rejected our intuition, our inner knowing, where we've begun relying so heavily on external resources and evidence-based-researched data that we have disconnected from our deep inner knowing. As we do that, it's going to give us the momentum and the power and the strong foundation that's going to be asked of us in order to step into the year of actualization. We're going to be getting more clarity around what wants to actualize itself this year. Without our intuition, it can feel like we're just flailing about. Because there is nobody externally that knows about our past more deeply and completely than we do.

Now certainly external resources can reflect us back to ourselves or to our inner knowing, but depending on who and what we're turning to for reliance on reflecting us back, we may not be giving ourselves permission to get access. Not everyone's intentions, their own shadow aspect and whatever they have given themselves to access within themselves, is also clouding what they're able to give you access to. 

When we get about the business of healing these wounds related to our intuition this week, we're going to have more access to the clarity that we're looking for and that we're ready to receive around bringing our gifts to life. This is regardless of if you're working professionally in intuition. I know we have a lot of healers in our audience. I believe we're all healers regardless of if we're getting paid for using our healing gifts or not. 

This can show up in a lot of ways: just trusting our instincts when we're parenting, when we're making decisions, when we're living our lives, so that we can feel a deep sense of peace and prosperity and fulfillment and joy, feeling a deep connection to who we are and what we're doing, and having those be in alignment and congruence with one another.

Lloyd B.: Yeah, Keri. I feel that something feels very important right now of basing this talk about honoring our intuition in the human realm and in the current time. I'm wondering if you'd be willing to give a picture or your thoughts on honoring your intuition as a patient in the medical or mental health field, and also as a provider in this human mental health or medical world.

Keri. N: Yeah, I think around our body and our healing process we've often learned to abandon ourselves and our inner knowing. I know I've been on both sides of this experience. I've been in the role of client and patient and looking for a provider, another person to help me understand what's going on with my emotional reality, my physical reality; and also on the other side as a practicing psychotherapist, holding space for other people who are wanting clarity around what's going on in their reality.

For me, this is on either side of the couch if you will. For me, this has been about a willingness to get quiet and to get curious and to listen, and to imagine that any ... I'm not committed to any particular outcome in either role because what wants to reveal itself may not be in my present reality. Relying on a particular diagnosis or a set of symptoms, those things are limited. They don't necessarily give us the full range. If we're so committed to knowing what something is without asking it or without allowing something else to reveal itself, I think that's where we can get ourselves really stuck. That's where the ego comes in with such certainty. 

One of the conversations I know we've had a lot, Lloyd, is the difference between ego and intuition, right?

Lloyd B.: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Keri. N: The ego is very urgent. It's very fast. It's very certain and sure. There's this forceful energy that comes with the ego. Whereas, the deep knowing of intuition presents itself in a very powerful but also a very gentle and curious and open kind of way. As you're listening, I would invite you to notice this week how your intuition ... what the difference is between your ego and your intuition. Where are those fast, urgent, desperate thoughts, feelings, desires, symptoms, sensations? Where are those intuitive reactions that are very expansive and unfolding and ...

Lloyd B.: The word that keeps on coming out for me around intuition is unsubstantiated. Because many times when the ego searches for answers, they can be very fact-based. They can be very based in logical steps. This is this because of this, and because of this. Yes, that can manifest itself as intuition as well, but many times with intuition there's no way of us truly understanding why it is what it is. We just know that we know that something is true for us, or that something is this way, or something feels a certain way. We just know that we know that we know. Many times with intuition, because we can't substantiate it or validate it with facts in human terms, we tend to disregard our intuition.

I invite you to get curious about the things that you know that you know, and you don't understand quite how you know these things to be true, or how you know these things to be happening, or how you know these things will happen or have happened in the past. Ask inside if this is your intuitive nature that is coming through and transcends the realm of logic and of facts, and of science, and it just is.

Keri. N: It just is. I think that's the unpopular approach. I'm also being drawn to call some attention here to the ways that we have over ... I don't know what the word is ... relied so heavily on the masculine, the evidence. You have a validation and this heavy masculine energy. It's gotten out of balance with the feminine. Because the feminine energy is deeply intuitive. It's deeply trusting. It's deeply capable of receiving and surrendering. I think that is another piece of the invitation in this year of actualization, is the reawakening of the feminine. 

One of the ways that I have seen this expressed, which is another example of the old energy, is it's not about repressing the masculine. We've done that. We've had times where we've had feminine culture and society and leadership. This is about allowing a coexistence, an equal part valuing the masculine energy and the female energy, feminine energy, excuse me, simultaneously. Because we all, regardless of the gender that we relate to, we have the masculine and feminine energy within us that is trying to make itself known. Each has its own gifts and abilities. 

To me, this reconnection with the intuitive self is another component to this feminine awakening. Yeah. I'm feeling called to invite us to take a breath here. I almost feel like the guides, they just need us to take a pause. Let's just put it that way. They're like, "Just get to it." I want to invite us to pause here and take in a breath. With your permission, the guides can continue to support the clearing and the transmitting of this energy as you're willing and ready to receive it. Mm, yeah.

I know Lloyd said at the beginning that we were going to share about the first energetically activated tool that has shown up in our Galactic Vibrations Sacred Shopping Store. I'm feeling called to share her with you now. What we have got is an amethyst column necklace.

Lloyd B.: She's a beauty. 

Keri. N: Oh, she's gorgeous. You can see her on the website, galacticvibrations.com, in the featured products section right there on the homepage. Gosh, just by looking at her I imagine you could receive the download, the activation, the transmission of healing if you're willing to say it is so.

All of these necklaces, we only have 111 of them. That's what we felt called to order, so we followed that call. They all bathed in the super-fool moonlight, the last one of 2016 in December. That was part of their activation. The other thing about amethyst is it's one of the most powerfully healing stones. If you think about it, it really correlates with the third eye chakra and also the crown chakra. It supports us in reawakening with our intuition, reconnecting with the awakening of our intuitive abilities.

Whether you use or feel called to purchase this necklace, or whether you have amethyst, or want to just work with the color purple, but there really is an invitation to allow the resources that you feel called to ... not that we need them, but that in human form they remind us of what's innately inside of us and support us in waking that up.

Lloyd B.: That's the beautiful thing about these resources, is that they are a symbol of your power within. It's not that you necessarily need these resources. They're not magical. They're not going to change your life or transform you or shift you, but they're going to remind you of your power and they're going to support you in opening up and expanding your power. This amethyst necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I just see it resting on the third eye and resting on the crown chakra, opening up our intuition as we set the intention to allow this crystal to support us and allow us to access the infinite wisdom of our intuition.

As I said, it's not magic that happens through the actual tool or resources. It's your intention. It's your intention of allowing the support of the tool and the resource. That's what I find so beautiful about Galactic Vibrations. We're not trying to pretend to be the gurus or the light or the truth or the way. We're souls on the journey who are offering other souls guidance on going within to find the true light, the true power. All of these tools that we will be featuring ... each month we're going to be featuring a different tool. They're tools that have come to us, that have asked to be birthed into the world to support certain people on their journey. As Keri said, none of them are absolutely necessary to have. It's if you want to have their physical presence with you to support you in opening up whatever it is that you are opening up or expanding in the moment. This tool for this month, the amethyst necklace, is absolutely gorgeous and profound and expansive and amazing.

Keri. N: Mm. I know, I remember when the vision for the products came through for us, Lloyd, and I told you, I said, "Gosh, I never pictured myself to be like a retail store owner." I sat with it because that wasn't what it was about for me. Spirit came through and told me that the store isn't the about the physical products. It's that the products are a vehicle to remembering, which is very much connected to how I see my work and myself. I'm just in celebration right now that this moment has come to fruition where we get to collaborate with you as you listen in this way, and that you can give yourself permission to remember who you are, that power, that strength, that deeply intuitive being that you are. Even though the popular conscious is still catching up with the power of intuition, that we can be way-showers. We can be reminders. We can be mirrors for the planet, reflecting others back to their ability to do that as we wake up to the courage and willingness to do that within ourselves.

Lloyd B.: Yes. I feel that that is the collective energy of this year, is we are moving towards embracing our feminine energy and allowing infinite wisdom to come through us, and into this world. It almost feels like you can choose to do it consciously or you can allow it to do you unconsciously. That is the direction of consciousness right now. It's expanding and opening up, even though it may not look like it on the outside. I think that's another big thing for this week and this month, as events unfold in the global government ... I'm basically talking about the United States and the shift in government right now, how many people see what is happening as chaos or as regression. If you allow yourself to tap into the energy, you see that you can experience and see and feel that consciousness is evolving no matter what it looks like. No matter if we're ready for it or not, we can choose to be a conscious experiencer of what is happening or an unconscious experiencer of what is happening. Whatever we choose is absolutely fine because it's happening.

Keri. N: It sure is. I imagine that we are going to get the timer here in a moment. I just want to reflect back on this week's energy. We're transitioning into the new year. We've got the energy of Mercury retrograde inviting us to review and reflect and to connect in with how we've disconnected. There we go.

Lloyd B.: There she is.

Keri. N: How have we disconnected from our intuition and how can we tune back into her this week so we can be supported in this year of actualization? Thank you so much for spending this time with us today. We look forward to joining you again next week for our next forecast.

Lloyd B.: Alrighty. See you then.



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