Episode 38: Choice Points, Chaos, and Calm…Oh My!


What Soul group are you a part of right now? The group that is experiencing the wild ride of chaotic energies or the group holding down the field with a sense of calm and focus?  Or are you experiencing a little bit of both?

In this week’s episode, we dive deep into how we both are experiencing these energies. From violent purges to feelings of calm, open hearts, and the heaviness of feeling powerless, join us as we open the door and share our healing journey with you.

We’re also celebrating our summer sale and share a coupon code (GALACTIC15) to get 15% off anything in our Galactic Vibrations Sacred Resource Store in August.

As always, we invite you to remember that no matter when you listen to this podcast, you have manifested this specific episode, right now, for a reason. We invite you to open your mind & heart and allow the healing energy of this podcast to support you in your ascension and the evolution of consciousness.

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