Episode 30: Moving & Activating Universal Energy


In this week's energetic forecast, we explore what it means to experience energy in its purest form. In the old paradigm, energy was labeled and judged as good or bad, which stagnated its flow. In the new paradigm, we’re being invited to acknowledge energy free from labels, which empowers its flow.

Join us as we explore:

  • Our transformational experience shapeshifting our energies.
  • How to allow yourself to be a conduit of energy rather than a victim of it.
  • An energetic body scan activation to acknowledge and honor the cosmic energies flowing through you.

We also offer an invitation to join us for Healers Retreat in San Diego, California October 20-22, 2017 at the close of this week’s episode. You can learn more and apply to join us at www.thehealersretreat.com

As always, we invite you to remember that no matter when you listen to this podcast, you have manifested this specific episode, right now, for a reason. We invite you to open your mind & heart and allow the healing energy of this podcast to support you in your ascension and the evolution of consciousness.

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