Episode 22 What Old Ideas Are You Allowing to Run Your Life?



In this week's energetic forecast, it's time to unwind from Mercury Retrograde. (Whewwww, you made it through!) As MR comes to an end, we're here to support you in sorting through the patterns and beliefs that have risen to the surface to be honored and released.

Together, we dive deep into questions such as:

  • Are we continuing to hold on to beliefs that once fit, but may not be congruent with our spiritual evolution anymore?
  • Where did we get our beliefs?
  • What if we engaged with our body from a space of LOVE.

As always, we invite you to remember that no matter when you listen to this podcast, you have manifested this specific episode, right now, for a reason. We invite you to open your mind & heart and allow the healing energy of this podcast to support you in your ascension and the evolution of consciousness.

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