Ep. 4 Shifting from a Victim Mentality to Empowerment




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Keri Nola: Welcome back to Galactic Vibrations. It's Keri Nola here with my Galactic partner in crimes. 

Lloyd Burnett: Hello, everybody. It's Lloyd Burnett, the Galactic being 001.

Keri Nola: I love when you say that. All right. Guys, we are riding the wave, crossing the bridge this week. This is your forecast for December 26th through January 1st. I guess the January 1st part is 2017. We are-

Lloyd Burnett: Bridging two years with this forecast. We have one foot in 2016 and the other foot in 2017.

Keri Nola: We really do. It's no surprise then that the Galactic Council is really calling us out here, bringing major opportunity for a pattern that we've really been dancing with collectively for a significant amount of time. They're showing me that this week is an opportunity to really decide. Basically, it's a turning point. It's a crossroads. We're on the edge here deciding, are we going to jump, move forward, trust and surrender in the process of our own power and truth or are we turning back around and deciding to be content with the mentality that we have been living in. It's interesting because as I'm talking, right now, I feel this tone in my left ear. It almost feels like a balancing or a bringing in of a new tone, literally, a new tone of our mentality. The shadow that is showing up for this week for some presence, attention, and clearing is the victim mentality. 

I really want to invite us to sit with that for a minute because I feel like there's so much charge around the idea of being a victim, watching as others are victimized and feeling like they need to be rescued or we need to advocate waking up our inner activist, what it might feel like when we have the story that we have been or are being victimized. Part of myself being afraid even to offer this perspective on this topic because I don't think it's part of the popular consciousness just yet. At the same time, when I hear messages from the Galactic Council, it's not my job to translate them and pick and choose which of it I share. I am really giving myself permission to say what I hear and to trust that as you listen, you will take what resonates, put it through your own filter, and move on it or not.

Lloyd Burnett: There you go. This energy of victim mentality is inviting us to consider a new truth. To consider a truth that we are master manifesters and that we are inviting and attracting everything into a reality even the things that we believe that we are a victim of. Before I continue with that thought, there's a scenario that keeps on playing in my mind. It's how selective the word, "victim" is, how there are certain things that we are a victim of. A job promotion, we're not a victim of a job promotion. That's something that we deserved and we-

Keri Nola: We'll take credit for that.

Lloyd Burnett: We take credit for that. There you go. 

Keri Nola: We created and called that in. We can own that part.

Lloyd Burnett: Exactly. When it comes to things that we believe that we are a victim of, we don't take credit for that. We blame and we don't embrace our responsibility as master manifesters. We stand in half of our power. Yeah, I keep on saying it. It feels like a difficult truth to say. It doesn't feel that difficult to me, right now, to tell you the truth. The idea that whatever it is that we are experiencing that you are experienced whether it's a cancer, a rape, hitting the lottery, a job promotion, poverty, whatever it is that you are experiencing is something that, on some level, your soul has called into your reality. When I say this different perspective, in no way am I trying to imply or directly say that this form of standing in your power means taking responsibility for things that aren't yours, taking responsibility for other people's actions or taking responsibility for any energy that isn't yours.

What I'm inviting you to consider is that there are many things that influence your reality. Your energy is very important in that creation moment of your reality. I'm inviting you to see why your soul has agreed to invite everything in your reality and not just the things that you feel are joyful, the things that you feel are painful to get quiet and to allow yourself to explore the possibility that you manifested situations that you may call bad or negative for your own growth and evolution. Just that gentle curiosity shifts the energy from being a victim of a circumstance to being completely empowered in that circumstance.

Keri Nola: Yeah. What I'm aware of, right now, is the energy of review and reflection. As it relates to what you're talking about, Lloyd, I feel like, before we can get to the energy of embracing this perspective, we've got to meet with the parts of us that believe that there are victims. They don't see their creator energy. Because mercury is in retrograde right now, there is cosmic support, if you will, for our reflection and our review. Mercury is the planet that rules communication and technology. When it's in retrograde motion, it's an opportunity for all the REs; remember, reflecting, revising, reconnecting. Really, what I'm hearing right now is, how can we reconnect with the parts of us that learned that they are not powerful, the things that happen, that circumstances that they experience are out of their realm of control, if you will. As we meet with those parts and we hear their stories and we make those connections, we're able to feel the grief, the fear, and the anger and move through the layers of human emotions that are a part of our healing experience.

It's not about a spiritual bypass of, "Oh, I called this in and this is so spiritual and wonderful and it's for me," because we can do that in our head. This is a process that happens in ourselves. This happens in our heart. When we make that connection from our head and a journey down the bridge to our heart space, that's where the magical alchemy occurs. The healing becomes long term. It gets embedded in ourselves, our body. We really begin to embody what it means to be a powerful creator. For only owning half of our creative powers, we're only owning the light of our power. We're only owning the things that feel joyous and exciting. We're proud of ourselves for calling into a reality, then we are not tapped into the full potential of our power. Because what about all of the things that are part of our reality that we don't like, the things that were painful or that we let us to grieve or to be angry, blame, or judge.

We can only dip into the well of creation as deeply as we're willing to acknowledge both aspects of our creator and creatress being.

Lloyd Burnett: I love that word, "creatress." I don't think I've ever heard that before.

Keri Nola: It just came to me.

Lloyd Burnett: Okay. Creatress. I love it. Yeah. As I sit here with this idea of embracing and bringing close to us these part of us that have learned to identify as victims that have claimed this identity as a victim as something have embraced that identity. It's making me see the power in owning your part of what you're experiencing in your reality. When you shift ownership to others and you shift responsibility to others, you're not able to find the parts of you that may be unconsciously attracting these realities into your life. For example, you are experiencing a lot of financial struggle and poverty when you blame the economy, you blame the president or the president-elect or you blame all of these other outside external forces. You're abandoning your power and in essence, giving your power to them.

When you allow yourself to get curious and go inward and find the part of you that has agreed to experience this poverty and this financial struggle right now, you may just find a part of you that is terrified of being completely abundant and is terrified of what it means to break the cycle of poverty to experience that richness. What are people going to say about me if I'm rich? How are my relationships going to change? Am I still going to be able to fit in with my group of friends? Are people going to get jealous of me? Are people going to try to steal from me? Am I going to make myself a bigger target if I have a lot more money?

When you claim ownership for your financial situation and your power and manifesting that, you can find the parts of you that are manifesting below the surface of your consciousness from a space of protecting you. Manifesting financial problems to protect you from judgment or criticism or actions from others. This awareness only happens when we allow ourselves to claim our ability to manifest those things that we call painful and bad. 

Keri Nola: Yeah. I'm really becoming aware of this piece of worthiness and how this ties in here. Because when we don't get connected, when we lose connection, should I say, with our infinite worthiness, our infinite right to experience peace, love, joy, health, love, and expansion at levels beyond our human imagination, we begin to attract things that support that notion. When we don't feel worthy of experiencing abundance or joy, we create opportunities for ourselves to be in lack and scarcity. Why? Because that's what works. That's what energy calls forth which is similar to itself. If we're vibrating at the frequency of worthlessness, scarcity, and lack, of course, we need to call forth that reality so that we can have that reflected back to us. If there's anything happening in your reality, the good news is that if you created it, you can also bring about a shift. Here we are, again, in our power. See, power can be really scary because we've often seen a lot of people misuse their power. We have often misused our power.

Lloyd Burnett: I've never misused my power.

Keri Nola: Oh, we're visiting one of the [pods 12:51], I think. Episode 1, our denial.

Lloyd Burnett: I just thought I'd give us a little recap on our Galactic Vibration week 1, denial.

Keri Nola: I love it.

Lloyd Burnett: That was a-

Keri Nola: Thank you. Well, we're reviewing with the mercury retrogrades.

Lloyd Burnett: Exactly.

Keri Nola: Thank you for calling us back there. For any parts of us that might be having that wake up like, "This doesn't describe me. I don't have trouble with that." That's always a flag when there's a really strong reaction. It's usually an energy of resistance. I always get curious when a part of me is really fast to decide something. Because intuition and truth, typically, it has a slow. It has a gentle power. It doesn't have an urgency to it. Whereas, the ego that's afraid is very quick moving, very urgent, very fast. It has more of a forceful or hard, rough around the edges energy. We begin to dance between intuition and ego and begin to awaken to when we are in connection with these different aspects of our self.

Lloyd Burnett: Yeah. You were going to talk about ... When I interrupted you, you were talking about the fear of embracing our power.

Keri Nola: Thank you for calling me back there.

Lloyd Burnett: Was there anything else that you wanted to-

Keri Nola: Yeah. I feel like there's just a fear around that, a fear of being powerful. That's where I was. Because we've seen people misuse their power in our direction. We have misused our power in their direction and in direction to our self. We have a very convoluted delusion and perspective about power because we're really being called to get back into right relationship with our power. What that looks like is, truthfulness. It's a rigorous honesty with ourselves. In order to be capable of that level of self-honesty, we have to be in connection with aspects of our self that we've often hidden in the shadows because we are embarrassed, afraid, or ashamed of what it means about us that these parts of us exist. 

It's another direction, I think, we can go into when we're talking about victim mentality that, "Oh, everything is my fault. Gosh, I'm such a terrible person." That, again, is victim mentality. Sneaking in and acting out. We want to be mindful of the ways that we're using victim mentality to keep ourselves powerless versus stepping into our power.

Lloyd Burnett: Yeah. I love that, "Stepping into our power." Often, it feels like or we feel that it must look like ending victim mentality. That's when we step into our power when we end victim mentality. That's not what we're inviting you to consider today. We're inviting you to consider that it's neither right nor wrong to be in victim mentality. It is only an energy that we play with that. We explore that we get caught in and that we remember and sometimes that we forget. Today, we invite you just to notice where you are playing with the energy of victim mentality. To use this awareness of this victim mentality energy, to bring forth a truth that expands, a truth of knowing why you're engaging in this energy. That is what shifts and transforms. That is how things begin to transform. There's nothing physical that you have to do. You don't have to stop being a victim.

We invite you to bring some truth to your victim mentality. If you find that you're not yet ready to release the identity of victim and certain circumstances, beautiful. You deserve to know the truth of why you want to continue engaging in these energies of victim mentality. As you continue to engage in this energy of victim mentality, it can be super high vibration when you're doing it from a place of awareness. Yeah, I just want to be clear that because many times, when we hear things like, victim mentality, we think very low vibration and I need to get rid of that right now. Victim mentality can be incredibly high vibration when you do it from a place of awareness and a place of truth. The interesting thing about this victim mentality is that it completely shifts when you do it from a place of awareness. It becomes a place of power when you bring that awareness of why you're engaging in that energy.

Keri Nola: Yeah. The thing that's showing up right now is, if you're finding yourself resistant, a part of you doesn't want to let go of the perception that, here, she is a victim. A question that helps us to deepen into understanding that a little bit more could be, "What am I afraid will happen if I'm not a victim? What am I afraid will happen? What does it say about me if, for all this time, I've been believing that I'm a victim of this person or this experience, this circumstance, or this reality and then I wake up to the fact that I'm not?"

Lloyd Burnett: It can be illusion shattering. If you think about it in the community of people who identify as victims, there's a lot of advocacy that goes on. There's a whole industry that has been built around being a victim. As we bring awareness to our power and allow that energy of victim mentality to shift and to change, that whole industry completely falls apart.

Keri Nola: I'm being reminded right now, speaking of remembering, that I spent years working as a victim advocate. There was just a time when I wasn't called to the work anymore. What I realized was, it wasn't about me advocating on behalf of so-called victims anymore. It became about me teaching and reflecting people back to their ability to advocate for themselves and for the parts of themselves that needed a voice that we're calling out for attention. To get about the business of advocating for myself within myself because I had really gotten lost and so distracted and everybody else is business, that I was no longer in touch with my own stories of victim mentality. It can become a rescuing, a mindfulness this week, perhaps, of how we're believing that we have to rescue other people. In doing that, we keep them from an opportunity to find and reconnect with our own power. When we're called so deeply to do that, what is it showing us about the parts of us that are asking to be rescued, reconnected with, and remembered.

Lloyd Burnett: Exactly. Yeah. That all idea of noticing the truth of why we are doing things. Because many times, things that we do out of the goodness of our heart for humanity and society, we realize, when we go deep enough that they're very selfish that we're doing them for ourselves. Yeah, with that bold and brazen statement, we're going to shift into ...

Keri Nola: An invitation.

Lloyd Burnett: ... an invitation. We have our New Year's ceremony coming up really soon on New Year's eve. If you want to join us and bring in the New Year with an energy of gentle curiosity and an intention of continuing on this journey of awakening, we want to invite you to go to the gentleawakening.com and join us for this experience, this ritual that we're going to have on New Year's eve to set the tone for 2017.

Keri Nola: Absolutely. Use this mercury retrograde energy to reflect on where we've been to tune in to where we are and to look ahead and begin the process of visioning where we are headed. I just wanted to close today with a healing mantra from my messages from Shadow Oracle deck related to the victim mentality card. This is a mantra that you can work with. If you feel the call, it says, "I am worthy of waking up to my full power and the purpose of every experience I call in to support my expansion."

Lloyd Burnett: Oh my goodness. Can you repeat that?

Keri Nola: I sure can. "I am worthy of waking up to my full power and the purpose of every experience I call in to support my expansion."

Lloyd Burnett: So powerful.

Keri Nola: So it is.

Lloyd Burnett: So it is.

Keri Nola: Claim it with us if you are ready and willing. We are being reminded by our Galactic tone that we are at our 22 minutes. We want to honor the sacred boundary that we've set for our time. Wish you a beautiful remainder of the holiday season if you are, in fact, celebrating or acknowledging that.

Lloyd Burnett: Or listening to this during the Holiday season.

Keri Nola: Exactly. We look forward to our time together in 2017.

Lloyd Burnett: All right. Take care everybody.


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