Ep. 3 The Shadow of Force, the Truth of New Year’s Resolutions, & People Pleasing




Keri Nola: Welcome back. Here we are with another episode of your Galactic Vibrations Weekly Forecast. It's Keri Nola here with my galactic brother.

Lloyd Burnett: Hello everybody, it's Lloyd Burnett here. This Galactic Forecast is for the week of December 19th through the 25th, 2016. In this forecast we are sitting with some more heavy shadow energy. It's interesting how all of this shadow energy comes to a culmination at the end of the year, because we are coming to a closing point of one journey or time period and beginning a new journey in 2017.

The shadow energy that is showing up for this week in December is the shadow of force. Immediately when this came up, I thought about New Year's resolutions.

Keri Nola: Good old New Year's resolutions.

Lloyd Burnett: Yes, yes. You may be right now coming up with your resolutions or thinking about making resolutions for the new year. In this week the energy is inviting us to notice the areas of our life where we're participating in patterns of force, and specifically with New Year's resolutions because that's what was coming up for me, is where are we forcing ourselves to do things that we believe that we should be doing, that we have to do, or because we just have a story that that is what we should be doing right now.

Where are those areas of our life where we're allowing ourselves to be forced and manipulated into doing things that aren't really resonating with where we are right now? We have these stories that life is supposed to look a specific way, or we're supposed to be in a certain place in our life at this age, and so we set these New Year's resolutions.

I'm in no way saying that New Year's resolutions are good or bad, I believe they transcend the labels of good and bad. It's all about the energy of your intention. Is your New Year's resolution, is the energy of that intention, that forcing yourself to be something that you're not in the present moment because you have a story that what you aren't in the present moment isn't good enough?

You have to force yourself to lose weight, you have to force yourself to meditate every morning. I love it, that it feels like such a oxymoron to force ourselves to be more mindful, to force ourselves to meditate. It feels like the complete opposite of the energy of what we're trying to achieve.

Keri Nola: It really does. What I'm aware of right now is the ways that this energy of force is playing out in the collective culture and consciousness, trying to reflect us back to the ways that this is showing up with each of us individually.

I feel like many of us are feeling forced to do different things right now by other people, like we're feeling powerless in terms of politics, organizations, or laws, rules, and regulations, that they might be moving in a direction that we don't agree with. Or that they're finally coming back into an alignment that we do agree with, depending on where our level of consciousness is and how we are perceiving the different experiences that are unfolding in our world affairs.

Today's opportunity, this week's opportunity really is about noticing where you're feeling forced to do different things, not do things, be a certain way, or not be a certain way, and how that is really a reflection of the ways that we force ourselves to show up, to be, to do, to have in ways that don't truly resonate with the energy of our present time and space.

I think the holidays are really a brilliant time to explore and lean into this. Many of us are spending time with families and playing out old ancestral stories and wounds. This can be a time when a lot of grief wakes up, but also a lot of joy. How do we simultaneously hold these different experiences without selling ourselves out by forcing us to do things that don't really resonate.

If we are going to force ourselves, how can we bring an energy of acknowledgement and truth to that by saying something like, "You know, I'm not ready to say no to that request, but I do acknowledge that I'm aware of the part of me that wants to, yet I'm not there yet so I'm going to honor that"? Maybe even as you consider that you can begin to see and feel the gentleness when we bring a truth to the places where there's an energy of force.

Lloyd Burnett: That's so incredible because I feel like people believe that force is so low-vibration, but the way that you just explained it right now, we can be forcing ourselves to do something from a very high vibration, which is a place of truth when we're engaging in force from a place of awareness. People like to categorize this as black and white, good and bad. Force is bad, not forcing yourself or allowing acceptance, surrender is good.

It's not that one is good and one is bad, it's that you deserve to know the truth of why you are participating in this energy of force. When we participate in an energy of force, knowing the truth of why we are participating in that energy of force is one of the most high vibration acts that we can do for ourselves. Saying, "Hey", as Keri said, "I'm forcing myself to do this right now and I don't want to do it, but that's where I am right now. I see this pattern playing out and I see myself engaging in it, and I'm going to engage in this pattern from a place of consciousness."

Keri Nola: Hm. Nothing freer or less forceful than choice, and coming back home to the choices that we do have and the choices that we are making rather than buying into illusion that we're being manipulated into being or doing in a way that doesn't resonate with us. It's a story that we spin, that we keep ourselves in this dark place of confusion, lack, and powerlessness, but really when we're willing to turn on the light of truth we begin to be able to clarify our way and the path ahead.

It's like the next step becomes that much more clear because we've turned on the light of truth and we've begun to shine a light in the direction of the next step that we may give ourselves permission to take. Even if we're not going to take it, at least we can see the options that are before us as that light of truth turns herself on.

Lloyd Burnett: Yeah. The word powerlessness just stood out for me as you were talking. As the other side of force, I feel like there's two expressions that I'm noticing right now for force. The first expression is the force of making ourselves do something, be something, say something, or accept something. Then the other expression of force is the force that we feel from the external, the story that we're powerless because we are being forced to do something.

Yeah, I invite you in this week to allow yourself to really flow into this energy of force, to really dive deep and to notice both sides of this energy. How is it playing out in your life right now where you're forcing yourself to do something that may not be resonating? Also, how is it playing out in your life right now where you feel powerless because you're feeling force from the external world upon you?

Just allow yourself to sit in that energy of force and begin to have the truth behind this force reveal itself to you. Many of these shadow energies, the shadow energy of force, they boil down to fear. The fear of not being good enough, the fear of not doing something right, the fear of being wrong, the fear of being alone, the fear of being abandoned, the fear of not being worthy, the fear of death, the fear of everything.

We force ourselves to do something as a way of escaping our perceived fears of the future, of what will happen if we don't force ourselves. On the flip side of that, the space of being powerless, it's almost like a fear of what will it look like if we allow ourselves to be completely powerful?

We invite this energy of powerlessness by having this story of, "I'm being forced to do this. I have no other option, I have no other choice." Many times that's an expression of the fear of being powerful. I'm going to sit in this powerlessness because that's what I know. That's what's been agreed upon in past lives, in this life, that's what's been passed down to me from generation to generation.

Powerlessness is something that can be encoded in DNA, it can be passed down from culture to culture, from generation to generation. If you look around the world there are specific cultures that express this energy of powerlessness. There are other cultures who may have worked through this energy of powerlessness. I invite you to see how this energy of force is showing up in your life today and during this week.

Keri Nola: There are some pretty deep patterns that are waking up for us here. I want to invite a pause right now to lean into what is showing up in your physical body right now as you're hearing us talk about these things. I just felt a sense from the Galactic Council that they're working on our physical bodies to help us unlock these patterns as we're ready in our physical body.

Perhaps there's sensations or not that may be showing up. They can be subtle, they can be significant, but know that if you're allowing it, with your permission there is an energy transmission that is taking place in support of the release of these force patterns as you listen here to this experience. These old stories can only live in a container that supports them, that buys into them.

As we bring them to the light and we acknowledge them for what they are, old things that supported us in other dimensions or time frames, universes, consciousnesses, and we value them for what they were at the time, we then create an opening for them to be released so that we can move from a more present state of consciousness to decide whether or not that energy is still supporting us.

Lloyd Burnett: Yes. I had something that I was just about to say right now that I completely forgot. It has escaped me.

Keri Nola: These energies are powerful. I feel like it's almost like rebooting the computer, that when there's a download that's taking place, when there's a clearing, not a whole lot else can happen. I'm aware that there might be some of that energy [crosstalk 00:13:21]-

Lloyd Burnett: Now I remember it, right now. It just came back. Yeah, what was occurring to me is this energy of force is present for a reason, for our continued growth and evolution. There's a reason why our souls have agreed to experience this energy of force.

As Keri was talking about the containers, our bodies as physical containers for truth, our soul, and for everything that there is in the universe. For us to expand we have to stretch a little bit and we need something that will trigger that stretching.

We need this energy of force, these patterns of forcing ourselves to do things, to people-please, or these patterns of feeling powerlessness because of outside forces. We need those energies to trigger a deeper truth that causes us to expand, grow, and heal these old wounds so that we can then support these more expanded truths in the future.

This energy of force that we are feeling this week is accompanied by physical symptoms of expansion. When you allow yourself to dive deep into this energy and use it as a catalyst to expand ... and using it as a catalyst to expand means becoming aware of these energies, finding these difficult truths, finding the parts of you that believe these truths that have been passed down, these stories supporting them, and finding a new truth and feeling that physical sensation of expansion in your body.

When you feel what's coming right now as it feels almost like pain in the knee. Pain in the joints is a physical symptom of expansion. When you feel those symptoms, what I'm hearing right now is that first it's energy that is old energy that is ready to be released, that is leaving the body. You feel that sensation and sometimes it feels like pain.

Then the other expression is the expansion of the body. As the energy leaves you experience some pain, and what's coming up right now a lot is joint pain. As the body expands to hold more deeper and expanded truths, you also feel that pain in the body. Don't be surprised if you're experiencing physical symptoms, aches and pains especially, in the joints during this week because it's an expansion of our human body.

We talked about this in a past episode where this is the first time where our bodies were awakening in these current bodies instead of dying and then being reincarnated more evolved and more expanded. The expansion is happening in this current body, it's not required that our physical bodies die to expand.

Keri Nola: Mm. Yeah, the symptom that's making itself known to me right now is gas or bloating as part of that expansion process as well.

Lloyd Burnett: I don't know anything about that.

Keri Nola: You don't? Hey. Well, that's up for debate. If you get some gas this week, go ahead and take notice of that and think of just how vibration and how much expansion can be happening. I think this is another piece around our body and the symptoms. I'm thinking of our relationship with food, and this is an area that me and Lloyd have done a lot of work around actually. Our first incarnation of our radio show was in this very thing, our body and our relationship to food.

Sometimes as we're working through different patterns we may crave certain kinds of food that help the body to expand or bloat in order to physically support this process. Our human self doesn't always believe that these things are happening without physical evidence.

If we need to see evidence of our expansion, sometimes that shows up physically in these different ways. It can be really unexpected, or sometimes it doesn't even link up with what we're eating, but other times we need an excuse or a justification to why we are feeling bloated, gassy, or expanded. We might be drawn to food or supplements, or different things that are going to create these sensations in the body for us to experience.

Be mindful of what you're feeling led to eat or drink at this time. Notice the symptoms that are coming as you do that, and be curious about how that has to do with this energy of force. I feel a collective or community question right now of, "Okay guys, this is all great, but how?" That's a very human question that we often dance with, is how do we do this?

I would say that it's much less complex than your human mind might want to make it. For me it's really about a breath, a pause, and a willingness to ask the question, how is force showing up right now? What does force want me to know? What does my feelings of powerless want me to know? Get quiet and wait to see what wants to emerge.

If this is a new relationship for you, this relationship of inner questioning, inner dialogue, it may take a while to cultivate this relationship. The answer is you might not hear them at first, they may not rise up as quickly as your ego might want them to, yet it doesn't mean that they're not on their way if you're willing to keep showing up for the process and the business of getting into relationship with yourself.

Lloyd Burnett: Many times they're here, we're just not willing [crosstalk 00:19:40]-

Keri Nola: Hearing them.

Lloyd Burnett: ... or we're not allowing ourselves to see these answers. These answers, they're everywhere. They can show up in signs, they can show up in other people, they can show up in music, they can show up in a thought that comes into your mind. The thing is, you are, we said this in the last episode, you are a piece of the universe and the whole universe at the same time.

You can receive this communication from any circumstance or from any place in the universe. It's being willing to see the answers that are coming to you. They don't have to come to you in meditation. They don't have to pop out of the nothing in meditation. They can come to you walking down the street and somebody just stops you and says, "Hey, you look radiant today." Are you having a lot of gas? Is that what's happening? Are you expanding because you have gas? I don't know.

Keri Nola: Oh, I love it. Speaking of this translation, how we translate things into action, we actually have an opportunity that may reflect you back to these awareness's. We've got our annual New Year's Eve ceremony coming up. This is a virtual experience that we want to invite you to join us in. It will be on New Year's Eve this year.

If you visit thegentleawakening.com, thegentleawakening.com you can find out more information and see if it's resonating with you to join us for this collective New Year's Eve ritual and be reflected back to yourself, to your energy, to what wants to clear from this year, what wants to be intended, held, and envisioned for the year ahead, and just do some conscience self-relating as we make this transition across the bridge from 2016 to 2017.

Lloyd Burnett: What an incredible way to start the year in the energy of gentle curiosity, of going inward. That is a powerful intention for the year that is coming. We just heard the magic, cosmic, stargazing sound right now, which means that we are at 22 minutes.

Thank you so much for joining us for this week's forecast. We look forward to playing with you in the New Year's webinar that we have, if it's resonating. If not, we look forward to checking in with you and playing with you again in another cosmic forecast.

Keri Nola: See you soon.

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  • I loved the perspective of the truth of force – the shadow energy coming from fear- of not being good enough, etc. I’ll be paying attention to this as it’s brought up to heal. Thank you!

    Stacey Horn

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