Ep. 002 Using the Energy of Fear to Unlock the Mystery of Ascension




Keri: Welcome back, it's Keri here and looking forward to being with you for today’s weekly forecast. I'm here with my galactic partner.

Lloyd: Hello everybody, it is Lloyd Burnett here. We are excited to bring to you this week's Galactic Vibrations forecast for December 12th through December 18th. Remember, you're here for a reason, you may be here during December 12th through December 18th or not, but something has brought your soul to this podcast at this very specific moment to talk and engage with the specific energies that we are talking about for this week. It doesn't matter if you're here during the 12th through the 18th or at some other time. There's something here that your soul is ready to hear and to remember. Let's go ahead and jump into this week's energy. This week's energy is about [pumparum 00:00:58].

Keri: Fear.

Lloyd: It sure is, so fear is showing up in this week's energy. The first thing that came to me as I started allowing this theme to flow through my body and start to get information about why fear is a part of this energy is the future, fear of the future. As we are in time right now, an energy of completion, we're about two weeks out until the new year begins and so everything that we've been doing throughout this year has come to fruition, has been harvested and is ready to be completed, so that we can start a new cycle. It's like, “A new cycle ,oh my goodness, what's going to happen in that new cycle, this is a new year, am I going to reach my goals, am I going to do this, am I going to do that?” As we begin to allow these stories to play on repeat in our minds that is what begins to birth this energy of fear, this fear of the unknown, this fear of what is yet to come in the future.

Keri: What comes up for me around this energy of fear is that fear is really a manifestation, one of the expressions of being disconnected from our divine safety. The reality that all is always well despite our human perspective that things are going wrong or could go wrong or that we are wrong or screwing something up. This is an opportunity in this week's energy to really connect with the parts of us that are afraid because I think so much of the story around fear is that we're supposed to reach a point of fearlessness, we're supposed to grow and expand and evolve to a point, where fear doesn't enter our consciousness or our reality. Maybe that will occur at some point and when the truth is that a part of us is feeling that fear and we are noticing that fearful energy, it's an opportunity to decide how we're going to get into connection with ourselves and that part of ourselves that's showing up because that which we ignore begins to grow.

It's interesting because there's also a perspective that that which we give our attention to grows, but the metaphor, analogy, I never know the difference between the two that are coming up for me right now is around parenting. If you have a small child that is calling for your attention and you don't hear them, you're ignoring them, you're not making connection with them, what do we imagine is going to happen? Most children are going to continue getting louder and louder and louder until we recognize and validate their presence and their existence and their need begins to be met. If you are noticing this energy of fear showing up in your reality this week, this could be an opportunity to pause and to say, “Hey I see you, I hear you, what is it that you need, tell me more about your fear?” Be curious about what that moment of connection and intimacy with yourself may bring forth, the space it might open.

Lloyd: Exactly and I feel like this is … Sometimes, I feel like when I'm working or speaking or teaching, I'm saying the same thing over and over again and I feel that this is one of the main things that we say over and over is that fear is a gateway. We have this story that fear is something that needs to be avoided or to be overcome as you were talking about, Keri, becoming fearless is a goal for many people, but fear is a gateway into something even bigger than what we are experiencing right now. Fear is a gateway into wholeness because wholeness includes absolutely everything. Wholeness isn't just joy or fearlessness. Wholeness is fearlessness and fear altogether, so when we have these fears that come up, it's a gateway and opportunity for us to experience our own wholeness. Yeah, I like to tell people when I do podcasts and interviews and things like that and people always ask me, “What is your main goal in life?” I always feel like they want me to say, “To be happy,” like that's my main goal to be happy, but it's not one of my main goals. My goal is to experience wholeness and happiness is a part of that wholeness, but fear is also a part of that wholeness.

This week, we invite you to notice the areas of your life, where you are experiencing this fearful energy and see if you're willing to invite a new truth in. You don't have to get rid of your old story that fear is bad or fear is something that needs to be gotten rid of, but we invite you to expand that truth to include some other things, to see what feels good to you. We invite you to consider that fear is an opportunity for you to continue experiencing growth and evolution on your journey.

Keri: Yeah, very powerful invitation, the more I sit with the fearful parts of me, the more access I find I have received, I gain to wisdom and information because parts of us are afraid because they're trying to protect something that they're aware is very precious. If they feel like that preciousness is in a vulnerable state or at risk of being harmed or injured in some way, they do what they know how to do to get our attention. The thing is is that these parts of us that have learned to protect through fear often are operating under an old vibration or an old energetic circumstance that's no longer accurate or present in the now moment. It's our job to give ourselves permission when we're ready and willing to wake up to these new levels of consciousness, so that we can bring our vibration into alignment with the present moment and acknowledge the reality of the existence of the past and come into the now moment, so that we can move together with all aspects of our-self into the future.

That's really what this timeframe is all about, the culmination of energy this year is really about emerging with the human and the spiritual, not having to live in separate identities anymore, but really being simultaneously aware of the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This gateway of fear, as Lloyd was just talking about, is the key to unlock that what's been a mystery for lifetimes upon lifetimes. Now, we're getting access to that. Our cellular memories are beginning to activate our strands of DNA that have been offline for eons are beginning to reactivate and reawaken. That gives us access to multi-dimensional frequency that we have been asleep too and that have been lying dormant within us.

Lloyd: Yeah and just seeing an image in my mind right now of a person hurling or furling … What's that word, hurling, I think it's hurling, not like vomiting, but like floating through the air after they let go of one trapeze on their way traveling to the next trapeze, but they're in the middle. They're in this state that is in the middle and it makes perfect sense to be terrified in that state because you're not holding on to anything. You're in between both trapeze and so you feel ungrounded, you feel afraid, you feel disconnected, you feel unsupported, so it makes perfect sense that you are experiencing these fears and this energy right now because you're in between these two trapeze. The first trapeze, as Keri was talking about is this emphasis on the human form or human experience. We are leaving that trapeze of only having the human experience and hurdling through the air. Hurdling that's what it was, not hurling.

Keri: We will get there.

Lloyd: Hurdling through the air to the second trapeze, which is a new multi-dimensional experience, where we acknowledge that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience and we begin expanding our power and our capabilities as spiritual beings, having a human experience. In that this energy that we're in right now, we are stuck in the middle and that middle-ness that middle ground feels so uncertain, so scary and so ungrounded because the trapeze hasn't quite swung over to us yet for us to grasp onto and experience this new place that we are in our evolution.

Keri: I'm wondering too if part of the fear isn't about what we're going to be grabbing onto and are we trusting ourselves to create the next reality that we're going to be stepping into because I think that's another piece of this puzzle is realizing that we are the creators, the co-creators, if you will, of our reality. While we're in between realities, there can be that vulnerability of, “Do I trust myself to create a reality that I am ready and willing to step into or am I feeling victimized by my reality and not sure what's going to be thrown my way next.” I think part of this fear is the vulnerability related to getting out of relationship with our self-trust and how we surrender to our next reality, knowing that we have called it forth and we have attracted it based on the vibrational frequency that we've been willing to live in.

I think there's a judgment that we put on ourselves when we welcome something into our reality that parts of us don't like or is judged as bad. Perhaps, we've called forth an ending of a relationship or an illness of some sort and we want to continue bypassing our power and our accountability for these things and we want to put those things out as something out of our control, which may be your reality and you can honor that. I honor it with you and there may be another reality that's trying to penetrate, trying to find its way in there and when you're willing, you can look at that. Another thing is occurring me Lloyd, I want to hear your take on this because sometimes I feel like we're really aware of our fear and we kind of feel terrified and we're very clear about that but other times, I know for me, fear has been present, but I didn’t feel scared. Consciously, I wasn't aware of it. If maybe you're hearing this and you're not relating to this topic of fear, but maybe this is presenting itself in some other symptoms, manifested in other ways. I want to also talk to the unconscious manifestations of fear’s presence that we might not be aware of.

Lloyd: Yeah, I think there's two different scenarios. There’s probably in the field of potentiality, there's nine bazillion scenarios, but my mind right now is coming up with two different scenarios. The first scenario is that we are not allowing ourselves to be or not ready to be fully consciously aware of the fear that we are experiencing. Therefore, it is getting our attention in different ways through the body with physical symptoms, through attracting certain relationships, the retracting certain events to kind of trigger opening your eyes and waking up to this fearful energy that is present with you in the moment that you're not acknowledging. There's the one scenario, where we're not allowing ourselves to acknowledge what is happening below the surface. I also think that there's another scenario, where we are in a place in our growth and in our evolution, where we react differently to the energy of fear. We experience the energy of fear differently. We have lived the experience of fear, where the heart rate increases where we're consciously aware of it and we're terrified. The breathing gets shallow. We feel like we're being sucked in and being constricted. We've experienced that physically debilitating, triggering response to fear and we have allowed ourselves to evolve to a different experience of fear, where we see that it’s present, we understand it, but we don't experience it the same way.

It's not as triggering to our human self as it was before in the past. We've worked with the parts of us that have had those triggering responses. We've supported them in healing whatever it was that was causing that response, whether it was from a past life, this present life or generational baggage that has been passed down from generation to generation in our families. We supported those parts of us in expanding their truth of what was happening in the moment and what they were being triggered by. They no longer experience fear the same way that they experienced in the past.

Keri: Yeah, I'm really fascinated by that because what is bringing up for me is that are really visceral that root chakra fear of kind of life or death that debilitating fear once it's made known to us and we begin to bring ourselves into awareness of our present moment, something begins to shift, where we become a conscious observer of these patterns. We experience it differently and it can sometimes, for me anyways, those ships have felt rather miraculous, but yet when I really look at it, it's really been the time that I've spent getting to know these parts of myself and getting into a relationship with these patterns and being able to separate myself slightly to be able to see and observe rather than get sucked in. Where this is bringing me is the collective shadow of fear that's really on the planet right now and is exacerbating itself this week. As we see our brothers and sisters in humanity expressing their fear, which doesn't always look like them saying. As a matter of fact, it's very rare that they're saying, “I'm scared,” it might be expressed in violence, it might be expressed in racism or in these different patterns of expression. Those were the two that came to mind right now, but how can we observe other people's fears?

Well, first we have to have observed our own because otherwise we can't see that in another if we haven't seen it in ourselves. When I know what my fear looks like and how he or she might express herself or himself, then I can spot that in you and I can go, “Oh yeah that's what fear looks like.”

Lloyd: Exactly, I just have to interject right here because I feel like this is something that is so important that we're noticing in our world leaders right now as we're looking to these leaders and judging them based on actions and behaviors that they had and becoming very triggered by their external actions and decisions and thought processes. One of the reasons why we get so triggered by what is happening is because we can't see their fear, the fear that is motivating those behaviors, those thoughts, those things that are triggering those actions. We can't see those because we haven't seen our own fear. When we allow ourselves to meet our own fear, then we can see past this … God, I was going to say the grabbing the kitty.

Keri: Oh oh, we're going there, really had to do an R rated on this week’s episode.

Lloyd: Exactly that's why I changed the language. You have a specific action that a world leader has taken and the tape was released, where he said, “I grab people's kitties, women's kitties.” We see that and we're so triggered by that but when we allow ourselves to see our own fear, we can pierce through the superficial stuff and we can see that little scared boy in him that wanted to fit in that was afraid that he wouldn't fit in on this bus with this host of this show that had the microphone on, if he didn't start talking about all of these things and become very macho. We kind of pierce through the outer layer and see the humanity when we're willing to see our own humanity. Our humanity includes our fear.

Keri: Yes. I'm thinking right now, if we are ready to experience a loving and peaceful planet, it is our work, our [sole 00:19:05] work to meet our fears, so that we can see the fears in our brothers and sisters and be able to respond in a way that is truly compassionate, loving and powerful. Power, the way that we've seen power being expressed is really the shadow aspect of power, power being misused, power being minimized or under using our power. Both of those are shadow aspects of power. We could over use our power or we can deny or minimize our power, but being in full relationship with our power is a relationship with our wholeness and our truth, which includes our fear and the ways that we can express ourselves when we're afraid versus when we are unaware of those patterns within ourselves and then how we try to see them by the reflections that we're receiving from others in our personal lives, in our professional lives or in our global life as well.

Lloyd: Yeah, I got [inaudible 00:20:09] right now.

Keri: I don't either. I noticed we're coming up on this 22-minute mark and I feel like as we bring this information through, we're receiving … I'm receiving, I'll speak for me, my own clearing and my own connection to these energies so-

Lloyd: Yeah, just the word humanity right now is just very piercing for me, humaneness and understanding and allowing ourselves to see that fear is a part of humaneness and how we get to access each other's humaneness when we access our own humanness. Can you find the little boy or the little girl in you that is afraid of not fitting in or not looking good or not looking worthy or important or popular enough that they act out and do things that yeah are coming from a place of fear. When you're willing to see those parts of yourself, you can connect to that human that very human aspect of you and allow that connection to your own humanness, be a connection to others. This week, we invite you to explore the energy of fear, how it's manifesting in your life and see if you're willing to allow that access to your own fear to help you penetrate the exterior and the surface of any type of illusions, barriers, blocks that you have between other fellow human beings.

Keri: Yeah and may fear become a bridge or connection to our own fear, maybe it be a bridge to the humanity in one another.

Lloyd: Yeah, amen. Right on time.

Keri: As always, thank you all for letting us share this time and energy with you this week. We look forward to being back again with you soon and take general care as you move through this energy of fear and create these bridges between you and your brothers and sisters.

Lloyd: Big love to you all, bye-bye.

Keri: Bye.

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