Ep. 000 Welcome to Galactic Vibrations Podcast

K. Nola: Here we are.

L. Burnett: Hello, everybody, and welcome to Galactic Vibrations episode.

K. Nola: Zero.

L. Burnett: Zero.

K. Nola: We are really excited to share our vision for the Galactic Vibrations podcast with you. Before we officially begin our episode 1, our first weekly forecast, we thought we'd spend a little bit of time introducing ourselves and our vision. As you join our Galactic community and decide whether or not it's resonating for you to tune in with us weekly, you'll know a little bit about what we're all about.

L. Burnett: Exactly. Speaking of what we're all about, why don't you say we tell them a little bit about how Galactic Vibrations came to fruition?

K. Nola: Sounds good.

L. Burnett: Galactic Vibrations was a very scary idea that we both had. It's been years in making. It's had a lot of different incarnations. This incarnation right now Galactic Vibrations is a podcast, a weekly energy forecast as well as sacred shopping experience. The idea for this incarnation came about when we were feeling the energy of current affairs, of just basically the present moment. It felt like there was a lot of confusion about why specific things were happening in the world. When you look at specific events that happen in the world and you don't tap into the energy of what is actually happening, it's easy to fall into a space of fear and lack of clarity and uncertainty and begin to struggle with either accepting or going with whatever is happening in the present moment. We thought to ourselves, you know what? We are actually energetic translators. It's the work that we do in our own businesses and in our joint business. We thought, what would it be like to have a podcast where we just translated the energy of the present moment to people so that they can understand and deepen into their own wisdom and intuition about the energetics of these concrete things that are happening in our reality?

K. Nola: As we gave ourselves permission to lean into that possibility and that idea, it just became clearer and clearer that there are those of us on the planet that are really ready to see through the illusion of what we are so used to buying into in our human realm, in our human level of consciousness. As we become more and more ready to see through that illusion and lift the veil, there are times when we want to see that reflection more clearly and we look to different resources to do that. This is us stepping into our role as translators for the soul. What we have been receiving in terms of divine wisdom and information that you, too, have access to, by the way.

You may choose to allow us to be translators for you or you may choose to sit and translate for yourself. It's a language that we all have access to. The way that a spirit has been communicating it to me is that essentially this is like a galactic language that's accessible to all of us, but similar to communicating in another language not everyone chooses to remember or to tune into their native soul tongue. Me and Lloyd are coming to you as translators supporting your star born energy in human form so that you can continue awakening here on your earth journey.

L. Burnett: I'm getting the image right now of two people who were raised speaking a different language. If you put them in front of each other, they can believe the illusion that they don't understand what the other person is saying or they can tap into the energetic level and completely be in ... What is it, synchronicity? No, it's insyncrinate. What is that word?

K. Nola: I don't know where you're going with this.

L. Burnett: In sync.

K. Nola: I feel you.

L. Burnett: In sync. That's what I was trying ... Completely be in sync with each other while speaking different languages. Think about it. Have you ever met somebody that you didn't understand, but looked at their smile or their frown or felt an air of confusion? Were you able to deepen into what was actually happening underneath the surface of the words? That is what we're doing with Galactic Vibrations. We're supporting people in going beneath the surface of words, going beneath the surface of actions and worldly events to understand and connect to the energy of what is happening. It's not like you need us translators to translate for you. We're just supporting you in finding your own inner translator and beginning to trust and validate your own intuition about what you're feeling.

K. Nola: I think that's the most important thing is that we're inviting you to a new level of curiosity about the abilities and the information that you have access to that you may not be giving yourself full permission to tap into, to tune into, to utilize. There's really a call in the planet right now, more than ever, for us to wake up to these ancient gifts and pieces of information and wisdom that are stored in our cellular memory. As we awaken to those realities, we began to shift the experiences that we're having here on planet earth. Never should you take anything that we say as the be all, end all truth. It's simply an invitation for you to lean in and feel into and notice what could possibly be waking up in you as you see the reflection of something that we are offering.

L. Burnett: Yeah, I'm curious, Kerry. Well, I'm not curious because I actually know, but let me get truthful here. Would you like to tell our listeners about that moment when you decided to accept the call and deepen into this wisdom and your intuition and allowing yourself to validate what you were feeling in the energy of what was surrounding you.

K. Nola: It's interesting. As you pose that I feel like that's been several times. It's not one moment where that happened, but it's a series of moments where I've given myself more and more permission to tune into the different levels and layers of what's happening. Do you have something specific in mind?

L. Burnett: I do. I do.

K. Nola: What is it?

L. Burnett: I'm trying to coax it out of you instead of just being direct in asking.

K. Nola: There's been lots of moments. I'm not sure which one you're referencing.

L. Burnett: Exactly. I'm referencing with Nicole.

K. Nola: Yes, yes. That was one of the most significant moments. Gosh, it's been about nine years or so now ago. I experienced the murder of a dear friend of mine. In looking at it from the human perspective, it felt as though I was a victim of a crime that was devastating to me, to many others, to our community. In choosing to go inward and to experience and welcome another level, or layer, of truth, what I woke up to was the fact that this was happening for me, not to me, and that Nicole's soul and the soul of the person that created the action that took her physically out of the human world were acting out in agreement, a soul contract. There was no victimization. There was no powerlessness.

There was choice at the soul level that in human form we had forgotten, I had forgotten. In that moment of awakening there was such a deep truth that I felt in looking at it from that perspective and began to get curious about what else in my own life was I believing I was a victim of or powerless to that might not have been the full reality? As I've started seeing my own life and worldly experiences from this perspective, it's really allowed me to operate from such a deeply sacred, heart-centered space where it creates room for conversation, for dialogue, for connection, in a way that I had never experienced prior to that.

L. Burnett: That is so powerful understanding what is happening in the present moment and the energy behind that and how it is here to support you and also understanding why you called that energy into your present moment, what you and the other souls have agreed upon so that you could learn something for your continued growth and evolution. I, too, have had big moments like that in my life. One of the main moments was a healing moment when I realized that everything that I experienced from my father's addiction, he was a crack addict when I was growing up, I always had interpreted as he didn't love me and I wasn't good enough. In a very deep and powerful healing experience I was able to tap into the energy of what was going on and really see how his soul and my soul agreed to have this experience so I could expand into a deeper feeling of unconditional love. It was a moment when I allowed myself to see past the specific actions that occurred and tap into the energy of what was happening so that I could continue to grow and evolve.

K. Nola: It's so freeing. I just feel such an energy of freedom. As you're listening we invite you to begin this process of tuning in and getting curious about experiences in your life where you are believing a story that is creating an immense amount of pain and wondering if, perhaps, something else could be truer than what the human eye is showing you at this moment. If we look at things and feel into things from the eye of our heart, I think we get access to a different reality. If you feel a sense of activation, of frustration, of anger, or of resistance to anything that you hear us talking about, the beauty of that is, one, knowing that you don't have to believe anything that we're saying because our truth may not be truth; and two, sometimes we become activated when we're beginning to get access to a truth that is very new and uncomfortable.

I think of it ... Not to dumb it down, but wearing a new pair of shoes that you really like them, but they're very uncomfortable at first because you're still getting used to walking in these new shoes. Walking and living from these deeper layers and levels of truth can be very awkward and uncomfortable at first. I knew for me I often noticed a lot of resistance and inner turmoil and conflict before I give myself permission to lean into another perspective. I have a part of me that's hoping that as you're listening you may feel deeper as a nation, but you also may feel deep activation, which can be a doorway if you choose to walk through it to find some information that's been trying to get your attention that you may not have been giving yourself permission to unlock prior to this point.

L. Burnett: The beauty of unlocking this information is that it all happens right on time. There's nothing that you have to do to force it to happen. It's when you're ready and willing. In divine time it all happens, which is a very important point with this podcast. As we will be reading the energy of specific weeks of the year, we invite you to consider if this is true for you that when you open the podcast and you listen to the specific week, it's the energy that your soul is ready and willing to remember for that week no matter if it's a week late or 20 weeks later, the energy that is contained in every energetically activated podcast is the energy that you are ready and willing to interact with in that present moment. We invite you to notice the dates of the podcast, and then also notice how the energetic timing of it as well. Notice how the energy showed up to you right on time and during the perfect week.

K. Nola: Yeah, you can never listen at the wrong time, unless you believe that you are. Then, perhaps, that may be your truth, but we're trusting in the divine timing and unfolding of you being called to each episode at the exact right time because our souls are all in unique journeys. We are all moving through different parts of our awakening at different speeds. Our human self wants to say that one speed is good and right and the other speed is bad or wrong, but the divine self knows that there is just divine timing when we choose to do things. We can offer a spirit of gentleness to ourselves that we are right on time.

L. Burnett: It's interesting that this whole construct of time is a very third dimensional concept and the energy that we are presenting here in this podcast is of a different dimension. It's very fifth dimensional. We just invite you to notice it's important to have our feet on the ground as we experience these different types of energy. We invite you to notice if there's any human reactions to welcoming this energy at this specific time that you decide to welcome it and support those parts of you that are having your human reactions, such as I'm listening to this at the wrong time or I can't listen to this right now because it was from last year. This isn't for me. Typically, when I hear those thoughts of resistance, I notice that they're typically fears. I invite myself, if I'm ready, to go deeper into those fears and to understand what is there waiting for me because typically it's something huge that's waiting for me when I resist it.

K. Nola: Absolutely. I think that's another thing we're going to be diving into during our time together on the show is exploring what it looks like to support our human reactions and what it looks like to remember our divine truth and how we live at the intersection between those two things because we are having a physical human experience. This isn't about a spiritual bypass, just living in the world of divine consciousness, but it's also not about getting stuck or wrapped up in the human consciousness either. There's a marriage between the energies of human and spirit that when we find that merge point, if you will, there's an alchemy that happens that births a beautiful reality that gives us access to ultimate freedom and power and truth that we don't have access to in any other way while we're in human form. It's a very interesting and powerful time because we've never ... It's essentially like we're reincarnating without having to physically experience a death. We're awakening while we're in physical form and getting access to these multi-level dimensions of consciousness. It's important to also stay attuned to our human self in that process.

L. Burnett: Yeah, that's interesting because in the spectrum of evolution in the past, it was important for the physical body to die so that the soul could reincarnate and grow and evolve and awaken in that sense. But, as Kerry was saying, we're entering completely different territory right now where our souls have the capacity and are ready and willing to evolve while still in physical form. There are a lot of different physical sensations in the body that we are experiencing on a human level that before in the past we didn't experience because the physical body died and was reincarnated at a more evolved and awake state. This is all happening in this current physical body that you have right now. A lot of the work that we're going to be talking about in this podcast is honoring these symptoms and finding the truth of these symptoms because many times the human wants to go specifically to the emergency and medical side, which can be true and can be accurate and can be necessary for the specific moment, but we're going to invite you to consider some different perspectives, some different ideas to see what is true for you in the present moment.

K. Nola: Yeah, and how you can support your body in a variety of ways because our energy forecast will also include ways that our bodies, our minds, and our souls can be responding to the different energetic frequencies that are flowing on the planet that we are experiencing. One of the ways that we're going to support you with this is through our Galactic Vibrations Sacred Shopping Experience. I want to be really clear that each month we're going to be featuring a new product in our Galactic Vibrations store at GalacticVibrations.com. It's not that you need this product. Let's not be under any delusion or illusion.

It's that you might choose to allow a different product to be a vehicle that supports the awakening of something within you or you may not choose to need that product to support you in that way. Perhaps you see the reflection of it and you allow yourself to call forth that awakening in another way. That's one of the things that we may discuss here are the healing abilities and vibrations of the different featured products that we'll be offering each month. For me, these are really just vehicles of awakening. It's much less about the physical product itself. Although they might be fun to wear or to use as a little hint, we'll see what we'll be launching each month. Yeah, it's just a vehicle for awakening and there's a million different ways you can choose to travel in your awakening. This is one of them that we felt called to bring forth.

L. Burnett: Yeah, and this way of using these vehicles for your awakening, it's incredible. It's like nothing that I've ever seen before. When we both had this idea to energetically charge these resources with the energy that wanted to be birthed into this world and charged into these resources, we were like, "Oh, my goodness, this is why we're calling it Sacred Shopping because everything that we have is energetically charged and activated to be used as a tool for awakening."

K. Nola: Yeah, so the other interesting thing that's going to be particularly interesting for me and Lloyd, since we both get going, open this channel, and can talk for days, is that these episodes are going to be 22 minutes or less. That is really our intention because we've got a lot going on. I think sometimes we can get caught up in the words, but really this is about the vibrations. We're going to give ourselves permission to, in 22 minutes or less, bring through the energies each week and allow you to dip your feet into the energies and see how they feel and see what you want to do with them.

L. Burnett: Yeah, we're approaching right now the 22 minute mark. When we do that in the actual weekly forecast, we'll finish our idea. Then we'll call it a day.

K. Nola: We sure will. I'm realizing we didn't really introduce ourselves.

L. Burnett: That we sure didn't.

K. Nola: I mean, we said about the vision and stuff. The other thing I'm aware of is that part of this vibration is that who we are is we typically introduce ourselves with roles and responsibilities. Part of this soul awakening is to really step beyond credential and really connect soul to soul. I'm guessing you already have a sense of who we are having heard us for the last 20 minutes or so here, but is there anything we might want to say about the roles we've played in this incarnation before we wrap up today?

L. Burnett: My name is Lloyd Burnett, and I am another soul on the journey.

K. Nola: I'm Kerry Nola, and I am a soul on the journey as well, always been curious about this process of awakening and how to deepen into the truth. I'm really excited to take this ride with you, Lloyd, and with you listening.

L. Burnett: Yes, so let's get ready for our very first weekly forecast.

K. Nola: We are ready to go, so we'll look forward to seeing you in a short while here for episode number one, our first weekly podcast. Thanks for joining us.

L. Burnett: All right, take care everybody.


  • Hi Cait,
    It’s a joy to welcome you into the galactic vibrations family! Thank you for sharing your sacred experience with us. We won’t be giving individual guidance here, but we trust that you’ll be led to the episodes and resources that will reflect you back to what your soul is ready to hear and remember at this important time of your awakening. Stay tuned to cosmic forecasts each week and connect with us on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/galacticvibrations where we’ll also do live streaming and post more as information comes through to us. Gently down the galactic stream…Keri

    Team Galactic Vibrations
  • The notion of a soul contract is so intriguing to me. I’m just starting to read and learn abt energy healing and giving my soul a voice after suffering 2 very big personal losses. One was a death and one was the death of a relationship that i cannot come to terms with. I have asked my universe to provide me the transparency of an answer to what happened and I’m ready to accept it whether it’s good or bad. But it never occurred to me that my soul could’ve had an agreement with this other soul, without my understanding that such a thing is possible. How do I lean in to this? Please help me. This has been destroying me. I’m usually very intuitive but somehow this other person set off no flags that they posed a risk to my peace and my truest heart and idk how i let this happen. Any guidance is so sincerely appreciated as i need closure on this. Even if it means learning something abt myself that i didn’t know or want to hear, at least if i knew how i invited this into my life, i could work on correcting whatever imbalance allowed this hurtful experience in and maybe in giving it IT’S voice, i can take my power back, begin to heal and accept, and start living again. It has truly been my undoing and i want my life back and this lack of understanding is blocking my path to every other positive thing I’m trying to do to heal my very damaged heart. Thank you for your time. I know i was delivered here for a reason and i am grateful for that.

    Cait Kinahan

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