Bonus Episode: How Using Lapis Lazuli Can Support You in Accessing Your Intuition & Using Your Voice to Express It



This week, we invite you to check out our bonus episode on using the crystal Lapis Lazuli to support you in tapping into your intuition and opening up your throat chakra to use the power of your voice.

In this bonus episode, we dive deep into:

  • using lapis to activate your voice in setting boundaries
  • how lapis can support you in accessing your truth and speaking it (no matter how “weird” it sounds)
  • understanding and opening up the minor chakras in the ears and throat

As always, we invite you to remember that no matter when you listen to this podcast, you have manifested this specific episode, right now, for a reason. We invite you to open your mind & heart and allow the healing energy of this podcast to support you in your ascension and the evolution of consciousness.

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